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Around the World in 80 Hotels

A little like the famous discoveries of Jules Verne, we will select 80 of the best destinations across the world to visit over the next 12 months, and capture them in a fabulous new collection of stories. We select really special places for you and portray them the way you will never find in any travel guide. So you will get the feeling and understanding is the place right for you and what kind of amazing experiences you can enjoy there. We tell you the unique story of each destination and bring it to life

Le Chalet d'Adrien

Where Luxury Meets Alpine Tradition in the Breathtaking Verbier Resort

Nestled in the enchanting Verbier ski resort, Le Chalet d'Adrien emerges as a masterpiece of Alpine luxury, blending the rustic charm of mountain living with the unparalleled sophistication of a five-star retreat. As we ventured into this exquisite sanctuary, we were captivated by its harmonious integration with the natural landscape, a testament to its thoughtful architecture and design.

Hotel Palazzo Ripetta

A Timeless Elegance Amidst Rome's Historical Heart

Palazzo Ripetta is not just a hotel; it's a journey through Rome's rich history and vibrant culture. Nestled between the iconic Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Popolo, this luxurious five-star haven offers a unique blend of historical elegance and contemporary comfort.


Where Elegance Meets Adventure Beneath the Shadow of the Matterhorn

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Zermatt, Schloss Hotel offers more than just a luxurious stay; it presents an immersive experience into the alpine lifestyle, embraced by the iconic Matterhorn. Its strategic location ensures that both the train station and ski lifts are only a short, scenic walk away, making it a perfect blend of convenience and serenity.

Hotel AI Reali

Where History Meets Luxury - A Stay at Venice's Prestigious Ai Reali Hotel

The Ai Reali Hotel is not just a place to stay; it is a chapter in the living history book of Venice. Opened in 2013, this 4-star luxury hotel is set within an ancient aristocratic palace that whispers tales of Venice's glorious past.

Hotel Belvedere

An Unforgettable Retreat at Grindelwald's Belvedere Hotel, Switzerland

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Hotel AI Cavalieri

The Essence of Venice: Where Venetian Charm and Modern Luxury Converge

The Hotel Ai Cavalieri di Venezia is an epitome of Venetian grandeur, a 16th-century palazzo where history whispers through its opulent halls. Its most captivating draw is the authentic 18th-century details, including ceiling frescoes and wooden floors, that transport guests to a bygone era of Venetian aristocracy.

Hotel Eiger

Alpine Elegance and Adventure: A Journey to Hotel Eiger, Mürren

Nestled in the enchanting village of Mürren, Switzerland, Hotel Eiger stands as a beacon of comfort and luxury amidst the serene beauty of the Swiss Alps. As a journalist and travel writer who has traversed the globe, my recent stay at Hotel Eiger left me mesmerized, prompting a deep dive into what makes this hotel a must-visit destination.

Parkhotel Sole Paradiso

Steeped in history and tradition

The moment you enter the hotel, you can sense its historical spirit. What's amazing is that, despite its modern appearance and cozy ambiance, it's hard to believe the hotel is 140 years old.

Cervo Mountain Resort

Swiss beauty beyond exploring

The incredible attention to detail is evident from the moment you enter the hotel. It's impossible not to notice the meticulous care and thought put into every aspect. The hotel exudes a sense of coziness and comfort, from the lobby all the way to your room.

The Grand Hyatt Singapore

Martinis and so much more

A harmonious blend of luxury and comfort is evident at every corner, complemented by an astonishing array of culinary delights that cater to even the most discerning palates.

Beausite Hotel

Immerse Yourself in Alpine Luxury at the Beausite Hotel in Zermatt

The highlight of our visit was undoubtedly the breathtaking view of the iconic Matterhorn from our bedroom window. Each morning, we were captivated by the awe-inspiring sight that greeted us upon awakening, setting the stage for another unforgettable day in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Elite hotel Savoy Malmo

Exceed your expectations

The modern hotel boasts a long and fascinating history. First opened as an inn in the 1300s, it has since undergone numerous transformations, even serving as a nightclub at one point. The establishment was christened with its current name, Savoy, in 1902. A well-traveled guest of that era remarked that it rivaled the Savoy Hotel in London!

The Sheraton Gran Canaria Golf Resort

Serenity in the Southern Countryside

If you're seeking a peaceful holiday away from the bustling tourist crowds found in other parts of Gran Canaria, then the Sheraton Golf Resort is your ideal destination. Located a good distance from the city's noise and lights, it offers a unique opportunity to gaze at thousands of stars come nightfall.

Park Hyatt Hadahaa

A secluded island in the middle of the Indian Ocean

The island is so compact that you can walk its perimeter in just 15 minutes. With only 50 villas, 14 of which are over-water, the setting offers a wonderfully intimate environment, ideal for honeymooners. Each villa is thoughtfully tucked away from public areas and ensconced in lush greenery, ensuring guests enjoy unparalleled privacy.

The Rosa Petra SPA Resort

A Gorgeous Resort Inspired by Alpine Beauty

The luxurious design made of natural wood and stone. A sensational spa surrounded by unspoiled Alpine beauty.

Velassaru Maldives

Pure Happiness for Honeymooners

The color of the water is truly unforgettable. It's this amazing shade of clear turquoise blue, creating the perfect backdrop for this sandy paradise. No matter where you are in the resort, the ocean is always within view. We were also charmed by the friendly heron that wanders the island, which has become a symbol of the place. Be sure to greet it when you visit!

Kameha Grand Zurich

The most Unique hotel in Switzerland

As we drove through the beautiful city of Zurich in search of our hotel, we encountered a hiccup: the street didn't appear in our navigation system, leaving us uncertain about the exact location. As we continued, a sleek, modern building caught our eye. We initially doubted it was our destination, but to our surprise, it was indeed the Kameha Grand Zurich – our home for the night.

Clontarf Castle Hotel

Hotel Located in a Medieval Castle

Have you ever dreamed of living in a castle? Now is your chance to make that dream a reality. Enjoy a truly unique experience that combines a medieval castle with the luxury of a hotel, all complete with the superb service and comforts you'd anticipate.

Puente Romano Beach Resort & SPA

Andalusian Luxury in the Heart of Marbella's Golden Mile

The hotel's sheer size and beauty are deceptive; it appears modest from the outside but is stunningly luxurious inside, a perfect blend of nature and chic.

Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove

The First Hotel in Seychelles

For the perfect escape from the outside world, consider a stay at a hotel with roots dating back to 1943. Be sure to sample Creole cuisine at one of the island's most renowned establishments, Le Bourgeois Restaurant. The emotions evoked by an à la carte seafood dinner with an ocean view are truly unparalleled.

Charlotte Street hotel London

Welcome to Early Twentieth-Century England

Kit Kemp, the designer and co-owner of the hotel, possesses a remarkable talent for crafting welcoming spaces. We were immediately enamored by the fresh and sophisticated English-Bohemian style from the moment we stepped into the hotel.

The Ritz London

110 Years of Noble Luxury

The hotel exudes aristocratic luxury and pays homage to traditions. The hotel's Head Concierge, Michael De Cozar, has, for 45 years, fulfilled the requests and wishes of the rich and famous, ensuring their stay is truly memorable.

Hotel Londra Palace

Venetian ‘Dolce Vita’, with over a 140 Years of History

For the ultimate Venetian experience, consider a stay at the Londra Palace Hotel, which has been a Venice landmark for over 140 years. It's a chance to understand what inspired Tchaikovsky to compose his Fourth Symphony during his time here.