Venetian ‘Dolce Vita’, with over a 140 Years of History

Hotel Londra Palace

A location that's almost impossible to beat, with stunning views of the Lagoon and the island of San Giorgio.

Why Should you Come Here?

For the quintessential Venetian experience, consider staying at the Londra Palace Hotel, a landmark of Venice for over 140 years; and delve into what inspired Tchaikovsky to create his Fourth Symphony here.

Best night in Venice

There we were... traversing the gorgeous Piazza San Marco, strolling along the coastline of the lagoon, and watching the beautiful gondolas pass by, filled with joyful tourists.

Just as we were approaching the famous Vittorio Emanuele II monument, we spotted the beautifully restored neo-Gothic Hotel Londra Palace. Tonight, we are staying here, at the very heart of Venice, and it's only the beginning.

Upon entering the hotel, we were immersed in the gorgeously elegant Biedermeier style, surrounded by 19th-century antiques, yet the whole place exuded a modern and fresh ambiance; partly because it was designed by the architect responsible for Versace's retail stores.

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One entire side of the Hotel Londra Palace unveils a stunning view of the lagoon and the island of San Giorgio. We were fortunate enough to secure a room with such a view, complete with our own balcony; this instantly became my favorite feature. It's not enough just to mention that the room was one of the most luxurious I've ever stayed in, but it also boasted gorgeous high ceilings, antique furniture, beautiful fabric-covered walls, a marble bathroom, Murano glass chandeliers with modern high-tech touch controls, a TV with SKY, and other luxury essentials.

"It's no wonder that a stay at this hotel back in 1877 inspired Tchaikovsky to create his Fourth Symphony here."


Immersed in Venetian Splendor: A Stay at Londra Palace

The Londra Palace Hotel is a quaint boutique hotel with only 53 rooms, each one unique. It continually amazed us throughout our stay, especially in the morning when we went to have breakfast. How would you like to have breakfast at the very top of the hotel with a staggering, and even mind-blowing, view over Venice and the Laguna Veneta? One couldn't wish for more.

And if the rooftop terrace doesn't suffice, or the weather is a bit windy, then just relax in a warm Jacuzzi situated right in the middle of the living room with a roof window above you... this is the real Venetian 'Dolce Vita'.

To sum up, I would have to say that the pleasure of being in Venice is maximized with a stay at the Londra Palace.

Make the Most of Your Stay

  • Be sure to request a room with a stunning view of the lagoon and the island of San Giorgio. This is a view you will never forget.
  • Dine at one of the finest restaurants in the city, Do Leoni, which serves delicious traditional Venetian and international cuisine. Personally, I would suggest ordering a steak and trusting the sommelier with the wine choice. The hotel boasts an impressive wine selection, as well as an irresistible array of desserts.
  • Enjoy breakfast at the Do Leoni restaurant's outdoor terrace, which is one of Venice’s most extraordinary dining venues.

What else is there?

The answer is simple: beautiful Venice. The moment you step outside the hotel, you find yourself in the very heart of this enchanting city. Piazza San Marco, with its historic allure, is merely a few meters away. This prime location not only immerses you in the rich tapestry of Venetian culture but also places the city's timeless beauty at your doorstep.

The proximity to Piazza San Marco also provides a rare convenience. It offers a grand opportunity to explore and experience the square during the quieter hours of the night or early in the morning. You won't need to navigate through bustling crowds or meander through the endless maze of city streets to return to your hotel. This easy access allows for a serene and more intimate exploration of Venice's iconic landmarks, making your stay at the hotel a gateway to the authentic charm of Venice.

How to get there?

It is not possible to reach the hotel by car, so you have a few other options. The first and easiest is to take a boat, water taxi, or gondola. It would take you about 50 minutes to travel from the Central Station of Venice to the very entrance of the hotel, plus you will get to see the city while cruising down its narrow canals.

The other option is, of course, walking. The route is about 2.5km, and provided that you don't get lost, it might take about 40 minutes of walking.

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