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Around the world in 80 hotels

A little like the famous discoveries of Jules Verne, we will select 80 of the best destinations across the world to visit over the next 12 months, and capture them in a fabulous new collection of stories. We select really special places for you and portray them the way you will never find in any travel guide. So you will get the feeling and understanding is the place right for you and what kind of amazing experiences you can enjoy there. We tell you the unique story of each destination and bring it to life in words and pictures.

Our Luxury Hotel Guide is unlike any other, allow you to discover the best of the world.


We love to travel. And we love to share with you all our luxury hotels reviews, travel adventures, inspirations and our secret finds from all around the world. Here you can read our the most interesting and inspiring travel stories.


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We take some amazing shots on our travels. We want to share them with you. Here, at TripTemptation, are our exclusive beautiful wallpapers. You will see some of our best, and most scenic photos and panoramic views from all over the globe, taken by our professional photographers (in high resolution). You can download any travel wallpaper you like; from a nature wallpaper to an amazing beach wallpaper. For your desktop, or mobile, and all for absolutely no charge (for non-commercial use only).