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At TripTemptation.com, we show you the beauty and excitement of travel. Our site is all about fantastic trips, great vacation ideas, and stunning travel photos for people who love the best things in life. We encourage stylish world exploration with the help of our amazing travelers—well-known singers, fashion bloggers, writers, and models.

Established in May 2014

Since starting in May 2014, TripTemptation.com has become a fast-growing luxury travel website with a community of young, wealthy travelers who are crazy about exploring. In today's busy world, we understand that long texts can be a bit much. That's why we focus on pictures—professional, beautiful, and inspiring ones. Our site stands out because we blend these amazing pictures with short original descriptions and awesome design.

Every day, our beautiful travelers and experts share new articles in various categories, including guides to cool destinations, hotel reviews, and travel fashion. We share both personal stories of luxury trips and our own professional pictures, which are more reliable and interesting than traditional ads.

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Meet Our Dynamic Team

At the heart of TripTemptation.com lies a powerhouse duo dedicated to capturing the essence of travel through their lenses and words.

Our team, comprising two adept individuals, seamlessly merges the art of professional photography and captivating travel narration. With an arsenal of cutting-edge equipment including high-end cameras, drones, FPV drones, gimbals, and action cameras, they craft visual stories that transport you to the heart of the world's most enchanting destinations.

These skilled professionals don't just document journeys; they immerse themselves in every moment, distilling the spirit of each place they explore. Witness their passion for exploration come to life as they bring you unparalleled insights and stunning imagery that transcend the ordinary.

Ingus Kruklitis

photographer, travel writer, CEO

Boris Vaskin

action photographer, travel writer, cto