"Embark on an Unforgettable Retreat at the Esteemed Ritz Hotel in the Heart of London"

110 Years of Noble Luxury

The Ritz London

The hotel exudes aristocratic luxury while paying homage to traditions. The hotel's Head Concierge, Michael De Cozar, who has dedicated 45 years to fulfilling the requests and wishes of the rich and famous, ensures their stay is a memorable one.

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Why should you come here?

Discover how, for over 110 years, the hotel has epitomized a luxurious lifestyle, remaining a favored choice among the illustrious and renowned, a coveted spot on the wish lists of discerning travelers. Here, the phrase "Welcome to The Ritz!"—uttered by doormen donned in impeccable uniforms and white gloves—resonates like music to the ears.

The most special thing about the hotel

"Anyone would be happy to come to The Ritz,"—with this phrase, quoting one of the British Dukes, the Hotel Manager Sal Gowili responds to my inquiry about why The Ritz continues to stand out among other luxury five-star hotels even today.

And this is absolutely true. Your heart might skip a beat when, upon escaping the intense and slightly chaotic life of Central London, you step into the opulent hall adorned with lavish golden furnishings, where, much like a century ago, ladies in elegant dresses and men in suits and tuxedos leisurely stroll about.

As you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of The Ritz, you will be inadvertently inspired by its storied past. This remarkable hotel has been drawing the rich and famous like a magnet. Following its inauguration, it enjoyed the patronage of the Prince of Wales and was even bestowed a special honor, becoming the first and only hotel to receive a Royal Warrant awarded by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales for its banqueting and catering services for world-class events in 2002. Since then, the hotel and both of its restaurants have accrued hundreds of awards and accolades.

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"The Ritz has always been a favored abode for Hollywood Bohemians. In 1921, Charlie Chaplin needed the assistance of 40 police officers to reach the hotel through the throng of enthusiastic fans. Similarly, in 1950, the famous actress Tallulah Bankhead whimsically sipped champagne from her shoe at a press conference held here."


Toward the end of the 20th century, the hotel's name gained notable popularity worldwide, thanks in part to the filming of the legendary movie Notting Hill (1999) by Richard Curtis, wherein Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant spent many hours in the luxurious Trafalgar Suite. Even now, some visitors continue to make a special request: "Please, we would like the suite where Julia Roberts was filmed."

Members of the British Royal family have held official receptions at The Ritz's halls more frequently than at their official residence, Buckingham Palace.



The Ritz welcomed its first guests on 24 May 1906. Its unique design and advanced technical equipment made its opening a major event, attracting international press coverage. From the outset, this luxurious hotel, brought to life by the renowned Cesar Ritz—who was dubbed the "King of Hoteliers and the Hotelier for Kings"—gained popularity in aristocratic circles.

It's noteworthy that while Cesar Ritz was constructing his hotel in 1906, he penned a request to his neighbor, Lord Wimborne, to sell his house. Lord Wimborne replied, "I am planning to extend my gardens. How much can I offer you for The Ritz?" Around a century later, The Ritz acquired the 18th-century Manor House, known as the William Kent House. This acquisition led to the addition of three delightful suites and several halls with views overlooking the Green Park Royal Gardens within the hotel premises.

The unusual geest request..

I had just started working as a pageboy; it was my first Christmas at the hotel and it was very quiet. At 10 o'clock in the morning, a telephone call came through. I picked up the receiver, unaware of who was calling—back in those days, phones didn't display the names of our guests,—recalls Michael. "I answered the phone and heard Mr. Wellington's voice. He had recently arrived at the hotel. He asked me for a favor, and then came a request I will never forget. He asked me to come up to his room and take... his canisters, which I was to fill with seawater at Brighton and bring them back to his room.

Mr. Wellington wished to take his Christmas bath with seawater... And I arranged that. In a couple of hours, our guest was having his bath. When my boss found out what I had done, he praised me and told me that I was on the path to a wonderful career as a Concierge. And indeed, it happened."

Since then, Michael has had many interesting requests from hotel visitors. So, one day a client was eager to buy a traditional red London double-decker and he got what he wanted. Another customer was building a medieval castle in Australia, and he asked Michael to buy him a British Knight's armour, which he wanted to put onto his castle.

“We found him a suit of armour and sent it to Australia. I bought a first class seat for it on an airplane, because that was cheaper than to send such a huge parcel by post. It looked as if someone had died and was sent home in a sarcophagus. He put the armour on top of his Castle and wrote on it: "Bought in London by The Ritz Head Concierge, Michael De Cozar, in the year 2014”. Thus, I was immortalized” (Michael is laughing).

Michael expresses that his greatest pleasure comes when hotel guests are satisfied with the service. "You know, when you've unexpectedly secured two tickets for a performance, and then a guest comes up and says, 'Michael, how did you manage it? How did you manage to get seats on the performance day such that right behind us sat the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and his wife?' They look at me as if I am a wizard or a magician...

My job is to remember names and faces. When guests approach our reception, we hand them their keys. At the hotel, we still use conventional keys instead of plastic cards. And I can explain why. It makes the service personal; they come here, and we get the opportunity to exchange a few words and offer some tips. Sometimes our guests mention that they couldn't secure a table at a reputable restaurant. And I say, 'Wait a minute,' - and I call my friend Jessica... And then they get a table! This is how it works. And if it weren't for the keys, such interactions would not have occurred.”

Michael notes that The Ritz continues to grow in popularity over time. When he began working here, afternoon tea was served once a day; now, there are five sessions, and they still aren’t sufficient. Additionally, the security system has evolved to become more complex and reliable, with Michael touting it as one of the best systems worldwide...

“Clients are becoming more demanding, but I appreciate it. They may have planes and Caribbean houses, yet they can't secure a table at Gordon Ramsay or tickets to some show in London. However, that's not their problem; it's our problem. They are shelling out thousands of pounds per night for the services we provide. And we are more than happy to oblige. Our guests are exceptional, and we ensure they feel it to the fullest.”

Make the Most of your stay

Reserve the brand new Piccadilly Suite—a special two-bedroom suite with a view of the famous street and Big Ben, opened to visitors in 2015. Its silver accents set it apart from all other signature suites, as the predominant color scheme in other rooms of the hotel is gold. Everything else remains the same—the magnificent blend of Louis XVI-style interiors and refined antique furniture, chandeliers and bronze wall sconces, antique engravings, hand-embroidered silk taffeta curtains, marble bathrooms, and state-of-the-art modern technologies. This suite not only comes with round-the-clock Butler services but also includes a transfer from the airport by the luxurious retro car, The Ritz Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Book a table for the traditional British afternoon tea in the hotel’s Palm Court restaurant. Please note that for weekends, a table must be reserved three months in advance. The distinction of The Ritz among other hotels is not merely the tea, although it is indeed exquisite and specially crafted for The Ritz, nor even the delectable buns baked by a team of 18 confectioners. It's the ambiance of the place itself, its aristocratic traditions, and its unique art of serving guests that sets The Ritz apart from other establishments.

Seek advice from Head Concierge Michael to book a table at popular restaurants or to secure tickets to a sought-after London show, and witness firsthand his ability to work wonders even for the most seasoned guests of The Ritz.

How to get there?

Reserve a signature suite at the hotel and receive a transfer courtesy of The Ritz Rolls-Royce Phantom. Alternatively, hail a traditional London cab and provide the driver with an address known by everyone in London: The Ritz.