Alpine Elegance and Adventure: A Journey to Hotel Eiger, Mürren

Eiger Hotel

Nestled in the enchanting village of Mürren, Switzerland, Hotel Eiger stands as a beacon of comfort and luxury amidst the serene beauty of the Swiss Alps. As a journalist and travel writer who has traversed the globe, my recent stay at Hotel Eiger left me mesmerized, prompting a deep dive into what makes this hotel a must-visit destination.

Let’s get to know each other

Why should you come here?

Hotel Eiger is not just a place to stay; it's a gateway to experiencing the heart of Switzerland's alpine splendor. Its unparalleled location, a stone's throw from the Mürren train station, provides effortless access to the breathtaking landscapes and adventures that await in the Bernese Oberland.

The most special thing about the hotel

Hotel Eiger's unique charm is significantly enhanced by its history and the warmth of its proprietors, Adrian and Susanna. As a kind husband and wife team, they infuse the hotel with a personal touch that's emblematic of a family-run establishment. Now in its fourth generation, their tradition of hospitality makes guests feel exceptionally welcomed and at home, setting Hotel Eiger apart as a beloved destination for those seeking an authentic Swiss Alps experience.

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"At the heart of Hotel Eiger, the personal commitment of Adrian and Susanna, a dedicated husband and wife team, amplifies its allure. This cherished establishment is not just a testament to their family's generational legacy of hospitality but a reflection of their passion and care. As the fourth generation to helm Hotel Eiger, they ensure every guest experiences the warmth and welcoming spirit that has defined this hotel for years."

Established in the early 20th century

Things that surprised us the most

In addition to the spa and wellness facilities, what truly amazed us was the hotel's huge pool, boasting a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. It's a serene oasis where you can swim with the backdrop of the Alps stretching into the horizon. Another delightful discovery was the chill room – a quiet sanctuary designed for guests to rest in peace and quiet, offering a perfect retreat for moments of reflection or simply unwinding after a day's adventure.

The culinary experience at Hotel Eiger took our taste buds on an unforgettable journey, with a particular highlight being the delicious steak we ordered. It wasn't just any steak; it was one of the best we've ever had, cooked to perfection and infused with flavors that celebrated Swiss culinary traditions with a modern twist. This meal exemplified the hotel's commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences that resonate with guests long after their stay.

The Food

Other Activities

Incorporating the love for snowboarding and skiing into the activities at Hotel Eiger, guests enjoy exhilarating winter sports amidst breathtaking Alpine scenery. Additionally, the unique attraction of a James Bond museum atop the mountain adds a touch of cinematic history to the adventure, making every stay at Hotel Eiger a blend of luxury, familial warmth, and thrilling experiences.

At Mürren, the thrill of adventure extends beyond the slopes to the awe-inspiring Sky Walk, a glass floor offering breathtaking views over the cliff. The panoramic terrace provides a serene spot to soak in the majestic surroundings, while skiers and snowboarders of all levels can delight in the extensive, well-maintained slopes. This unique combination of adrenaline-pumping and peaceful experiences ensures every moment at Hotel Eiger is unforgettable, catering to both the adventurous spirit and the soul seeking tranquility.

Adrian, the owner of Hotel Eiger, elevated our dining experience by joining us for dinner. His presence brought a personal touch, as he shared fascinating stories about the hotel's history and Mürren itself. This intimate encounter not only enriched our understanding of the area but also highlighted the deep connections and pride that the family has in their heritage and the enchanting Alpine community they've been a part of for generations.

Reaching Hotel Eiger is both convenient and easy

How to get there?

Incorporating your updates, Hotel Eiger in Mürren stands out for its accessibility and the array of activities it offers. To reach it, guests park in Lauterbrunnen, ascend by cable car, and catch a train directly to the hotel. It's known for its scenic views, family heritage, and comprehensive amenities including a vast pool and a serene chill room. The culinary experience is highlighted by an exceptional steak. Guests enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and the unique James Bond museum atop the mountain, enriching

"Final Thoughts About Our Stay"


Reflecting on our stay at Hotel Eiger, it's clear that this enchanting retreat embodies the very essence of Swiss hospitality. From the breathtaking landscapes and luxurious amenities to the warm, personal interactions with Adrian and Susanna, every aspect of our visit was infused with a sense of belonging and adventure. The unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty we experienced here has left an indelible mark on our hearts, making Hotel Eiger not just a destination but a cherished memory we'll carry with us long after our departure.