Martinis and so much more

The Grand Hyatt Singapore

Pure combination of the luxury and comfort together with unbelievable food selection.

Why should you come here?

The food quality and selection was beyond compare. Some of it, for example the Indian food, was way too spicy for me, but I think everyone will be able to find something to suit their own taste.

Let's take a trip around the world

This was the beginning of a lot of long and careful trip planning that included countless hotel reservations, flights, connections, car rentals, attractions and hundreds of other things. We would be travelling through Europe and the USA, flying to Australia via Hawaii and ending up in Asia. The trip was long and colourful, full of adventure and improvisation. Three weeks had passed by the time we landed in Asia.

Our first stop on this leg of the journey was Singapore. It was my first time, not only in this country, but in Asia in general so I had no idea to expect there. But there was one thing I knew for sure, even though we were still at the airport - our stay would be an excellent experience. The reason for that was simple. We were staying at the Grand Hyatt Singapore. We had already collaborated with this hotel in Zurich, Switzerland and in the Maldives and had had a tremendous stay each time.

I can tell you right from the start - this time was no exception. The hotel is located a little outside the city centre in a bustling shopping and entertainment district. The ride took us no more than 20 minutes.

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You immediately recognise the style; Grand Hyatt hotels always have a classic, memorable interior design with luxurious dark colours and signature elements.

Even though the hotel building is around 40 years old, the hotel was recently renovated and looks brand new.

What about the food?

One of the many surprises that await you at the Grand Hyatt Singapore are its restaurants. The hotel offers pretty much every cuisine you can imagine and has even recreated a traditional Singapore market place that combines favourites from Halal Chinese, Malay and Indian. Located on the lobby level, StraitsKitchen is one of the best restaurants in Singapore, frequented not only by hotel guests but by visitors from all over Singapore. Showcasing Singapore dining at its best, StraitsKitchen provides the ultimate experience for guests who wish to savour all of the popular local dishes in one location.

Can you imagine?

After experiencing the best market place in Singapore, you go the next floor to enjoy the best martini bar in town. And boy, was it worth it! But if martini isn’t your thing, the hotel has plenty more to offer with a fitness centre, tennis courts, outdoor pool area, spa services, decadently spacious rooms with a personal work space, a business lounge on the top floor, shops and much, much more.

Once you leave the hotel – but really, why would you want to!? - there is a metro station just a few minutes’ walk from the entrance that can take you to the very heart of Singapore and to famous sights like Gardens by the Bay in just 10 minutes. Of course, you can also take a taxi from right outside the lobby but, with all the traffic, the subway is still a better option.

So there you go. If you want to experience the very soul of Singapore, enjoy the best cuisine and bar in town, relax mentally and physically, and have a memorable hotel experience, then the Grand Hyatt Singapore - one of the leading five-star hotels in Singapore - is the place for you.

Director of Marketing Communications

Indrani Bit

Our wonderful host who made our stay unforgettable