Swiss Beauty Beyond Exploring

Cervo Mountain Resort

The incredible attention to details. From the first moment you enter the hotel, you just can't help it notice the level of detail and thought that was put into. The hotel is unbelievably cozy and comfortable starting from the lobby and up to your room.

Let’s get to know each other

Why should you come here?

The hotel has an absolutely unique location above the city right next to the ski lifts which will take you up the mountains. Once you finish your rides you can ski down the slopes all the way to the entrance of the hotel where you can relax in the outdoor hot pool with an amazing Matterhorn view.

The most special thing about the hotel

We loved the feeling that you get from combining the modern luxury and traditional Alpine vibes. You simply feel safe and comfortable knowing that every detail has been carefully thought through. Your room is equipped with everything you might need and so much more, like binoculars for admiring the amazing Matterhorn mountain. How cool is that?

And there's so much more. You can start your morning with the meditation class, or bouldering wall exercise. Have a late breakfast in the Marrakan style and chill in a hot outdoors pool in the evening. But for me, the best part was the cold pool. It's the best feeling ever to enter a freezing cold pool after which warm yourself in a +40C hot pool. Probably one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can get for your body.

And did I mention that the hotel is also pet friendly?

"We were pleasantly surprised to see so many animals in the hotel. People were having lunch while their pet friends had their snacks right next to them. Seeing all this you get a feeling of safety and warmth and the first thought that's entering your mind is that you just don't want to leave this place. Even for skiing."


Things that surprised us the most

Mountain Ashram SPA. It's by far the best SPA we've ever visited and not only in the Alps. Peace, relaxation, and mindfulness are the first words that come into mind when we try to describe it. The Mountain Ashram Flow is inspired by Japanese onsen and indeed you can feel it.
Enjoy multiple treatments like a Japanese lifting facial or take a moment in a relax room. Then dare to step into the cold pond after which warm yourself up in a hot pool with an amazing view of the Matterhorn mountain.

What about the food?

Make sure to visit all of the 3 restaurants the hotel has to offer. The experience from every place is completely different. Start with a Ferdinand - only Swiss products are used and most of them even from the Valais itself. If you like cheese I would suggest the fondue and raclette.

The next day continue with the Madre Nostra place - Italy’s culinary tradition in all its deliciousness where the ingredients come directly from local farms and fishermen. I would definitely go for the pasta and tiramisu.

Finally, visit Bazaar - Inspired by the lively markets of the East, the Bazaar is the heart of CERVO and probably one of my favorite places in all of the hotel. After the SPA of course. The Bazaar is the place where everyone gets together - modern nomads, explorers, and even locals. The atmosphere is relaxed, people chat, drink, meet, and dine. The delicious dishes are 100% vegetarian and are served throughout the day.

What else is there to do?

As I've mentioned before you should definitely check the daily program. The hotel provides numerous masterclasses and events like yoga, meditation, bouldering, "Meet the team" events where you can learn about the "behind the scene" of the hotel, DJ sets in the evening, macrame workshops in the tea yurt, ski gigs, musical meditation voyage, steam rituals, sauna infusion, cocktail gigs and so much more. So even though Zermatt has one of the best skiing experiences in Switzerland eventually you'll catch yourself thinking that you simply don't want to leave and would prefer to spend a day at the CERVO instead.

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How to get the most of your stay?

  • Make sure to sign up for all the activities the hotel has to offer.
  • Have dinner in multiple restaurants. We recommend mixing them for the ultimate experience.
  • Enjoy the Ashram SPA facility, especially the hot pool.
  • Visit one of the evenings DJ sets on the terrace. It's the best Alpine vibes you can get.
  • Don't forget to watch the stars late at night from the terrace of your room over the Matterhorn mountain! That view will stay with you for the rest of your life.
it's much more convenient to get a transfer to the hotel

How to get there?

The hotel is located on top of the hill which is nice since you get an amazing view of the Zermatt, Matterhorn and one of the slopes is going all the way down to the hotel. So in order to get to the hotel, it provides you with a taxi that will take you from the train station to the hotel.

Once I checked in and put all of my stuff down it took me only 7 minutes to get back to the train station by foot since there is a tunnel from the hotel under the city.

"Final Thoughts About Our Stay"


We already missed CERVO the moment we left Zermatt. It was by far the best Alpine experience we've ever had and we're definitely coming back soon!