"Where Luxury Meets Alpine Tradition in the Breathtaking Verbier Resort"


Le Chalet d'Adrien

Nestled in the enchanting Verbier ski resort, Le Chalet d'Adrien emerges as a masterpiece of Alpine luxury, blending the rustic charm of mountain living with the unparalleled sophistication of a five-star retreat. As we ventured into this exquisite sanctuary, we were captivated by its harmonious integration with the natural landscape, a testament to its thoughtful architecture and design.

Let’s get to know each other

Why should you come here?

Le Chalet d'Adrien stands as a beacon of luxury in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Located in the prestigious Verbier ski resort, this hotel beckons with the promise of unparalleled Alpine elegance. With its prime location next to the ski lift, breathtaking views over Verbier, and a suite of luxury amenities including a Michelin-starred restaurant and a world-class spa, Le Chalet d'Adrien offers a seamless blend of mountain charm and sophisticated comfort.

The most special thing about the hotel

The heart of Le Chalet d'Adrien's charm lies in its meticulous blend of traditional Alpine architecture and contemporary luxury. The hotel's cozy wooden interiors, enhanced by the warmth of a fireplace in your room, not only promise comfort after a day on the slopes but also immerse you in the authentic mountain lifestyle. The extensive use of natural wood and stone, detailed in the renovation project, highlights the hotel's commitment to maintaining an ambiance that is both luxurious and authentically montagnarde.

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"In the embrace of Le Chalet d'Adrien, we found not just a place to stay, but a world where every detail whispers the promise of Alpine luxury, turning moments into memories."


Le Chalet d'Adrien, nestled in the Swiss Alps, has long been a magnet for celebrities seeking the tranquility and luxury it offers amidst the stunning landscape of Verbier. Among its distinguished guests is the tennis legend Roger Federer, who, along with other celebrities, has been known to enjoy the exclusive amenities and privacy that this prestigious hotel provides. 

What about the food?

The Michelin-starred restaurant at Le Chalet d'Adrien is a culinary journey not to be missed. Emphasizing local and seasonal ingredients, the restaurant offers an exquisite menu that perfectly complements the Alpine setting. Additionally, the hotel boasts another dining option that presents traditional Swiss cuisine in a more casual but equally charming environment.

Make the Most of Your Stay

Le Chalet d'Adrien is ideally situated for embracing both the adrenaline of winter sports and the leisurely pace of summer explorations. Beyond its reputation as a skier's paradise, the hotel is a gateway to the charming city of Verbier, where guests can wander through quaint shops, savor local cuisine in cozy restaurants, and glide across ice skating rinks. This rich blend of activities, set against the backdrop of the Alps, ensures that every visit is filled with unforgettable experiences, whether seeking adventure on the slopes or tranquility in the town's vibrant culture.

How to get the most of your stay?

To fully embrace the luxury experience, indulge in the spa treatments available at the hotel's wellness center, where the backdrop of Verbier's mountains adds a serene touch to a variety of rejuvenating therapies. Furthermore, the ambiance of the cozy, wood-clad dining areas and the exclusive feel of the hotel's interior spaces, enhance the sense of exclusivity and comfort.

How to get there?

Verbier is accessible by road from Geneva, Zurich, or Milan airports, with the journey from Geneva taking approximately 2 hours by car. For a hassle-free experience, consider utilizing the hotel's shuttle service, which can be arranged to meet you at the airport and provide a comfortable transfer directly to the hotel.

"Final Thoughts About Our Stay"


Le Chalet d'Adrien excels not only as a luxury destination but also as a warm and inviting home away from home. With its bespoke service, attention to detail, and a rich array of amenities, it stands out as a jewel in the Swiss Alps. Whether seeking adventure on the slopes or a peaceful retreat in the mountains, Le Chalet d'Adrien promises an unforgettable experience tailored to the desires of discerning travelers.