We adore London, and we couldn't pass up the chance to visit one of its newest and most unique attractions - the Sky Garden, nestled within the recently inaugurated skyscraper at 20 Fenchurch Street, right in the heart of London's business district.

Construction was completed in 2014, and the Sky Garden, situated on the 34th floor, opened in 2015. It now stands as the fifth tallest building in London. The building itself is quite distinctive; its curved shape resembles a walkie-talkie from a distance.

Upon exiting the elevator, you step into a vast hall adorned with glass windows, walls, and ceiling. A quaint bar is situated right in the center of the room, where you can grab a drink and find a cozy spot to admire the view, which, I must admit, is absolutely breathtaking. The city of London unfolds before you with Canary Wharf on one side, and Greenwich along with the London city centre on the other, showcasing landmarks such as Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

The Sky Garden has 360-degree panoramic windows so you can relax and take in the whole of London. The name derives from the concept itself - creating a garden in the sky. The space is beautifully adorned with an array of plants, flowers, and even trees. The best aspect is the abundance of seating options available, whether nestled among the plants or positioned by the window. Of course, during summer time a terrace is available as well. Unfortunately, it was still closed in May although we felt quite comfortable indoors.

The Darwin Restaurant is situated above the main room and exudes an extremely cozy atmosphere. We were fortunate enough to secure a table right by the window, affording us a wonderful view of the Sky Garden and of London itself.

And just when you think it can’t get any better, it does. The staff at the Darwin Restaurant were wonderful and very friendly. They welcomed us and suggested some of the best dishes they had.

We indulged in a delicious steak paired with excellent red wine, followed by a dessert that will remain memorable for a long time. The dinner was so exquisite that we often refer to it as one of the best during our recent trips.

If you seek our recommendation, we would suggest visiting during the evening. This way, you'll have the opportunity to witness an amazing sunset over London—weather permitting. We were treated to stunning warm orange skies over London, solidifying Sky Garden's reputation as one of the best places to catch a sunset in the city.

I must admit that visiting the Darwin Restaurant made our trip to London even more spectacular. We spent over three hours enjoying an evening view of London, followed by a dreamy sunset, and concluded with a gorgeous view of the city streets by night.

I truly cannot think of a better way to spend an evening in London.