Winter is on the horizon, and the excitement for skiing and snowboarding is in the air. Faloria Mountain Spa Resort, situated in the heart of the Italian ski resort Cortina, presents itself as the perfect retreat for winter sports enthusiasts.

Thanks to the well-maintained motorways in Italy, you can relish breakfast in Venice and, within a few hours, find yourself at the doors of the Park Hotel Faloria.

The staggering views captivate you right from the car park. Whichever direction you look, mountains embrace the skyline.

Faloria Mountain Spa Resort is a quaint and cozy hotel that delights in surprising its guests. For instance, you can select a fragrance for the staff to use while tidying up your room. So, would you prefer the essence of the ocean, nature, or mountains? We chose the mountain aroma, and it was incredibly refreshing.

The rooms exude elegance with their authentic Alpine design. Many rooms, accommodating up to seven individuals and spanning two floors, are ideal for large families or sports teams.

Rooms on the upper floor feature sunroofs that reveal stunning mountain vistas, providing a romantic setting for stargazing at night. The spacious balconies with panoramic views are another highlight of the hotel. Additionally, every room on the first floor boasts a vast terrace with direct access from the room. The dining area extends the theme of comfort and luxury, serving breakfast in an enclosed glass terrace that offers a full panoramic view of the surrounding nature. Certainly, not a bad way to kickstart your day.

After a long, exhausting day in the mountains, nothing beats unwinding in the splendid spa. Faloria Mountain Spa Resort houses a large pool, waterbeds, a Jacuzzi, a variety of massages, saunas, and even a gym for those who desire a workout.

We couldn’t resist spending a couple of relaxing hours here before dinner each day. Yes, Faloria Mountain Spa Resort warmly welcomes dogs. Guests checking in with a dog receive a complimentary gift from the hotel, and there’s no additional charge for keeping the pet in your room.

Many guests avail themselves of this pet-friendly service, bringing along their furry companions.

The TripTemptation team extends heartfelt gratitude to the hotel's director, Sara Ambrosio, for her warm welcome and tour. It was a genuine pleasure to stay at this delightful place.