What do you expect after driving for an hour up the mountain road with a dead end? Definitely not the most unique and remote ski resort in Italy.

Welcome to the heart of Lepontine Alps - San Domenico di Varzo your perfect escape from the city life.

San Domenico isn't just a regular ski resorts, it's literally a small village in the middle of the mountains. No tourists, loud bars or traffic jams. Just you, mountains and the nature. The name of the resort speaks for itself - "Feel the nature". In fact on our way to the resort we've met several deers and other small animals.

We've visited San Domenico ski resort during our trip across Alps. It was probably the smallest ski resort on our way, yet we really loved it. And the main reason is that it's really remote.

It's just you and nature without any tourist crowds, lines or traffic. Just what you need coming from a busy place or a large city.

It's unbelievably modern and stylish hotel right in the very center of the resort. Located just in front of the main ski lift, it was a perfect stop for us to take a break from the busy city life. 

And just look at these details all over the hotel. Everything is made of wood, eco friendly and really stylish.

And you get all of this for a really reasonable price. Comparing to other popular ski resorts - San Domenico is much more affordable, but the remoteness is what we loved the most. Still it doesn't take long to get there. The location is really perfect and in fact it took us only 2 hours to get to the center of Milan. So it's a perfect combination of a remote resort without the need of getting there for days. 

The hotel is practically brand new and has everything you might need. A great kitchen, stylish lounge, conference rooms, a spa with different treatments, relax area and of course the views.

Of course you don't have to worry about the food either. The hotel provides you with anything you might need. The two gourmet restaurants  Terrarossa and  Stube await you for a journey of taste made of tradition and innovation in refined environments with attention to every detail.

Unfortunately we've had only couple days in this magical place so we've decided that we'd definitely come back to this resort. And we already know a great place to stay.