Olya Asmikovich

Trip Temptation blogger Olya Asmikovich

I have two passions in my life – singing and traveling.

I travel quite often, and each time – whatever it is - a short business trip to Moscow or a long vacation somewhere on the Caribbean, I enjoy every moment of it.

For me traveling is not so much about the place, it’s about how I feel about this place. Walking in a park in my hometown Riga with my baby son following his first steps or exploring the jungles of Thailand, or skiing in the Austrian Alps – they are all different but amazing journeys for me.

I take every day as a journey even if I do not travel physically. And I can’t leave home or a hotel without making myself look stylish and beautiful. Looking good is a basis for feeling happy for me.

As you can guess many of my travels are devoted to shopping. Fashion is my third passion, actually, and I’m going to show you some of my favorite looks here, on TripTemptation.


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