Mai Loog

I am originally from Estonia, but have been living in Bangkok for 19 years. I first moved here with my now ex-boyfriend. I have published three books on Thailand, in Estonian and English, and have written numerous articles on Thailand, as well as other SE Asian countries. Currently, I write stories for the travel column in Eesti Ekspress weekly newspaper and I design dresses for the fashion label, Donna Nordica.

About Me

Adventure is with me whenever I travel. That does not necessarily mean jungle expeditions or mountain climbing, but rather a night-time swim in the warm Andaman Sea under starry skies. I love breathtaking tropical sunsets with a refreshing glass of bubbly, filled with laughter and beauty, which awaken your sensual being. I wrote about something similar in my novel “Mango Maiden”, which explores female sexuality in an exotic setting.

1. What is your favourite place on Earth?

Bangkok. It is big, lively, energetic, strangely village-like and totally international. Exotic, modern and, at the same time, traditional. It smells, it breathes, it fights and loves. It rises from the ashes after every disaster. The spirit of this city changes you forever. You do not worry about the future or the past; you simply live as well as you can in this moment, now.

2. Which hotel are you most happy to wake up in in the morning?

Pimalai luxury resort on Koh Lanta Island, Thailand. It is totally sensual, romantic and memorable. It is the epitome of a beach getaway for lovers. I have written my adventures at this resort into many stories… the blue shiny ocean in front of it… the mountain that overlooks the beach…

3. What has been best travel experience?

Sitting and swimming in the outdoor hot pool at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan. It was a spa hotel with a traditional Japanese onsen sauna and spa. There was snow outside and there were tall dark trees on a cold April night. The mountain was above us and our laughter and whispers echoed like the soundtrack of a fairy tale movie. It felt like Mount Fuji was talking to us…

4. What are the top 3 things on your travel bucket list?

To take my adventurous self to both Americas and Africa for inspiration and more writing.

5. What is always in your travel bag?

My mobile phone so I can take photos and use WiFi for communication. Colourful print jersey dresses from Pucci and Donna Nordica – these are wearable everywhere and never wrinkle! Moisturiser and protective BB cream with SPF 35 – it protects your face from harmful UV rays and pollution and gives it a beautiful even glow that lasts, even on a hot beach.

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