Lina Elfimova

Trip Temptation blogger Lina Elfimova

“A traveller without knowledge is like a bird without wings” Saadi Shirazi

Travelling is my passion! Before I started working in the Luxury Travel, I had an opportunity to visit lots of interesting places around the world. My love for travelling traces back to my childhood, when my family and I lived in Russia. We travelled a lot and visited over 20 countries; including India, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Europe and Central America. My world was broadening with each year, I also had a chance to learn French in Paris, and English in the UK, and the USA.

Now I live in sunny California and work as a Luxury Travel Advisor at Virtuoso, one of the world's finest travel agencies. My partners are the best luxury hotels and resorts worldwide selected by professionals. In my understanding "luxury" is not always associated with the price for a service, but rather the experience you have. I make a collection of 'deluxe' places and string these “pearls” on a necklace of beautiful places in my dreams, where I can rejoice in life and have the best of everything. If you dare to dream then everything you want will come true one day.

Don't be afraid to dream. Follow me and share my passion for splendid resorts!

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