Julija Prohozaja

Trip Temptation blogger Julia

When I travel I become  a better self than usually.

Every time I travel I fall in love with myself. I love this refreshed, relaxed, curious and new me. I neither judge nor blame myself for doing nothing. I can just walk along the streets without any purpose and enjoy it.  And as I don’t have to do anything, there are no MUSTS when I travel.

I’ve explored Europe, including my home country Latvia,  I have fallen in love with Asia (particularly Thailand) and now my goal is to open the South America for myself. So my next trips will be to the hot Brazil, mysterious Peru and colorful Argentina.

When I travel I’m always ready for new experiences. A new amazing SPA, parachute jumps, tiger hugging or a night under clear starry skies somewhere on a tropical island. And when I return, I’m never the same person who left home a few weeks ago. It is because I always fulfill something from my Bucket List and always add something new to it during my travels.

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