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There are two things in my life that I love the most – traveling and photography

They go together perfectly. Traveling always inspires me to capture the best moments, to show my feelings and emotions through pictures. And it’s always exciting for me that my feelings and emotions are interesting for thousands of people, who read my blog on Live Journal.

I love being photographed too

I do it professionally as a model. I always feel sexy and beautiful in front of a camera.  But even if I’m alone, I can do self-portraits with my iPhone or my professional camera (yes, I do have a remote control for it). Sometimes I feel that nobody can feel me and show my emotions better than I do myself.

I live in Moscow, but I spend most of the time traveling around the world with my husband. Last year we visited 10 countries. Yes, I’m often asked if my husband objects to me putting nude pictures on the internet. The answer is NO, and I love him for this freedom he gives me.

Freedom is one the best things in life. And I enjoy it each time when I step on board of the plane.

My Live Journal

1. What is your favourite place on Earth?

It was Paris before the USA completely stole my heart. Now San Francisco is in first place.

2. Which hotel are you most happy to wake up in in the morning?

Without doubt it's the romantic Aria Hotel in Budapest. It feels so amazing to wake up hearing Maria Callas' arias in the morning.

3. What has been your best travel experience?

Swimming with dolphins in Cayo Largo Island in Cuba.

4. What are the top 3 things on your travel bucket list?

I have been dreaming of visiting Cambodia since my childhood, but I've already bought a ticket there. Besides that, Antarctica is at the top of my bucket list.

5. What is always in your travel bag?

My camera, iPhone, face cream for dry skin, lip balm and an LED torch.

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