Elena Zagorodneva

Trip Temptation blogger Elena Zagorodneva

I was born in the centre of Russia, in Siberia,

where the nature is as severe as beautiful. My first trip was inspired by my desire to see the genuine sea ... I was raving about it. My mother told me that when I was a little girl I often used to ask her why we were living there in Krasnoyarsk, where there were taiga and mountains around, and not near the sea, where there would have been a lot of sun and very warm. Later, a twist of fate brought me to Asia, to the pearl of the Andaman Sea, the island of Phuket, where, together with my husband and son, we lived for 6 years ...

About me

For me, traveling means emotion, a burst of consciousness when the things I have seen break by my stereotypes and make me think wider and deeper. Our emotions paint our experience into bright colors and place the events into our memory for years. Having lived abroad for several years, I started looking at Siberia anew – with its infinitely beautiful Spurs of the Eastern Sayan Mountains and irrepressible energy of woodlands and rivers.

The real beauty is always next to you, wherever you are. And Caribbean beaches, Big Ben in London or the New York Statue of Liberty is probably at the same level in my must see list as the Lake Baikal preserve or the Sayan Mountains. The World is amazing and has no limits; you just need to make a step forward.

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