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Traveling is part of my life..

I have to say thanks to my family who taught me that traveling not only gives us joy of vacation and relaxation, but also contributes to the development of our personality by getting to know other cultures and becoming more educated, tolerant and open minded. My first overseas visit was to Cyprus at the age of 7 and since then there has not been a year without a travel.

Travelling is so much more..

For me traveling has become much more than just going somewhere for holidays…  During the last 5 years it has been part of my life. My passion for traveling encouraged me to study for my Master’s Degree in Lisbon, accept the job offer as Management Consultant in London and travel (every week!) around Europe and the USA. Today I live in Dubai and try to get to know GCC countries and their culture, as well as take the advantage of the great geographical location to plan my travels around this part of the World. Luckily I have my camera with me to “freeze” and share the moments I enjoy. Photography is an art … but it also captures our fading memories in this fast changing world that it is today.

We need to take the opportunities the world gives us…  And to take photos to remember them!

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