Alexandr And Ksenija Zavalny

Alexandr And Ksenija Zavalny

We are a married couple from Latvia who love to travel together.

There is one thing that is really special about travelling, and that's how the passing of time changes during your trip. You can visit so many places and meet so many different people in just half a day – this time would fly by unnoticed during a working day at the office. Our conclusion is simple – everyone needs to travel more to really experience every second of their lives!

About us

Exploring nature is probably our favourite thing to do on trips, so we always choose sea walks or mountain hiking instead of museum visits or city tours. We are also passionate about photography and blogging, and these activities are great additions to our travel lifestyle!

1. What is your favourite place on Earth?

The one we haven't been to yet! Exploring new places - that is the whole point of travelling for us. So we always choose new experiences and new places.

2. Which hotel are you most happy to wake up in in the morning?

For now, I would say the WestCord Fashion Hotel, Amsterdam. Its luxuriously designed rooms with trendy décor, a pool, sauna and great gym make your stay very cosy. Also, their top floor bar is quite fancy.

3. What has been your best travel experience?

Hiking in Stavanger, Norway, to Puprit Rock was definitely one of the best. That feeling of awe when you get to the mountain plateau after a few hours of walking and climbing is something truly special.

4. What are the top 3 things on your travel bucket list?

Right now I would say seeing Erta Ale volcano in Ethiopia, taking a walk on Machu Picchu in Peru, and visiting New Zealand’s clearest lake, the “Blue Lake”.

5. What is always in your travel bag?

Phones don’t have great battery lives these days, so we always take a PowerBank with us. Also, some not-so-healthy protein bars in case of a long journey. And a good book, of course.

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