Wild, Wild Wales: My Epic Welsh Road Trip

Wales is known for its amazing rugged landscapes of wild forests, snow-capped peaks, lakes, and an amazing coastline as well as for its distinctive Welsh language and Celtic culture. The special ambiance of this magic place makes it a real tourist magnet, especially during the summer. Let’s pack, unplug and explore the untouched valleys and sleepy villages of this amazing region in Great Britain!

Pembrokeshire coastile

Being a part of the United Kingdom, Wales, just like England and Scotland, is commonly called by locals ‘a country’. Obviously, it doesn’t have a sovereign status but people still think of it this way because there is a distinctive and independent life of locals here.

Pembrokeshire coastine

We decided to skip the cosmopolitan city of Cardiff, which is the capital of Wales, and instead, we went directly to the famous Pembrokeshire coastline – which is the wild and untouched part of the country. 

The Green Bridge of Wales

We arrived! Our first stop was the Green Bridge of Wales. It’s a natural arch of rock pillars that’s located on the south-west coast of Pembrokeshire. To get here was quite challenging. The road passes through an army tank range and is closed during certain times, but we were lucky enough and could get closer to the sea without any problems.

The Green Bridge of Wales

Pembrokeshireis a very popular site among the tourists and we even spent a couple of hours exploring the neighborhood without seeing another soul! Isn’t this a true wild Wales? 

The Green Bridge of Wales

The Green Bridge of Wales

Marloes Sands beach

The next stop was the Marloes Sands Beach on the Pembrokeshire Coast. It’s an ideal place for hiking with dramatic scenery and island views within a spectacular five-mile walk along the Marloes Peninsula. Actually, there’s an extensive network of paths that make Wales a real hiker’s paradise.

Marloes Sands beach

Marloes Sands beach

Surrounded with water on three sides, Wales has more than just a dramatic coastline.

Wild Wales

Marloes Sands Beach

The Wales Coastal trail, which runs along the majority of Wales’ coastline, was opened back in 2012 and offers a 1,400-kilometer walking trails! The Lonely Planet guide even named the Welsh Coastline one of the top regions to visit in the world.

Wild Wales

Wild Pembrokeshire Coastline

We were traveling without any extensive plan and using just an old-fashioned paper map. We had a lot of fun chatting with the locals about their life in this “Wild, Wild Wales” and even got directions from them to many stunning places and beaches.

Wild wales

Locals say that the Welsh are some of the most interesting, easy-going people you'll meet anywhere! We definitely couldn’t agree more! Their accent was a little bit complicated for understanding but it made our chats and their stories that much more interesting.

Surfer in Wales

Not only do hikers and travelers love the beach in Wales, but so do swimmers and surfers, who enjoy chilling out here with family and friends especially during the summer.

Little Haven Village

Little Haven is a picturesque and quiet fishing village in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, where we had a lot of fun watching traditional Little Haven Duck races.

Little Haven Village

Little Haven Village

Druidstone Beach

A view over sandy Druidstone Beach from the sea’s edge above St. Brides Bay.

Lovely seaside town Tenby

To our delight, we arrived to Tenby, a gorgeous walled seaside town with stunning beaches, an iconic harbor and cobbled stone streets.

Tenby beach

Tenby beach

Sure, the climate in Wales is not exactly tropical, but we were lucky with the weather and even could swim in the not so always friendly Irish Sea.

Beautiful Tenby harbor

We spent just a day here, but I can swear it’s one of the prettiest coastal towns in all of Wales and even in the United Kingdom.

Seaside town Tenby

One more Tenby beach

Wales has a gorgeous coastline, complete with more than 150 beautiful beaches. A few of them, like Rhossili, Barafundle and, Tenby, are regularly voted as some of the best in Great Britain.

Wild Wales

There is so much more to see and do and we, unfortunately, had so little time to do everything. We decided to come back and explore the other part of the beautiful and charming Wales, where we could find an abundance of history and wonderful places to eat and stay along the way, all within a broad range of budget to luxurious prices. 

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