Affordable Accommodation Options in London

London is one of the most visited cities in the world for very good reasons. From historical buildings to the Royal Family, there are plenty of attractions that make England’s capital high up on people’s list of places to visit. Apart from Broadway, there is nowhere better to watch a show than the famous West End and for sporting enthusiasts, London has some stunning stadia as well as top sporting events to attend.

It is easy to see why London is such a popular destination but choosing the right kind of accommodation isn’t that easy. Staying within the centre of London can be extremely expensive but there are plenty of alternatives to consider. It also depends on whether you are visiting London as a one off or you plan to return on a regular basis. Here are some different types of accommodation to consider, depending on your budget and how often you will be going:


If you don’t want to pay the top prices at central London hotels then you could look into Airbnb, where people rent out either a room or their whole property by the night. It can prove to be a very economical option for places where the hotel prices are high like in London.

Stay on the outskirts of London

London has a great transport system, including the Tube network that will take you to the areas surrounding London in a short time at relatively low cost. You could find a hotel that is 30 minutes out of London if you are happy to take public transport, saving you from the high hotel prices of London city centre.

Fractional ownership of property

If you are going to visit London on a regular basis – maybe for work or if you have family based here, then you might want a more permanent accommodation solution. However, not everyone has the budget to buy a property in London outright or to take on a second mortgage. You can look at alternatives such as fractional ownership of properties, where multiple people own the property to reduce the costs. You can go to this site to find out more information on fractional ownership.

Budget hotels

If you’re only staying for a short period and you are happy staying somewhere that is not exactly high-end luxury, then there are some budget places within the central area of London. Budget chains such as Travelodge are set up all over London, with the costs per night varying depending on locations and the dates you are travelling. You can use a travel comparison site to discover which hotels are offering the best deals on your dates of travel and you might be able to find a really good deal if your dates are at periods of low-occupancy.

Serviced apartments

To get accommodation that is in a great location but isn’t going to cost a small fortune, serviced apartments might be a more affordable option than hotels. Sites like London Serviced Apartments are a useful place to find apartments in the location that you are looking for, within your budget. You can choose from luxury apartments right through to the lower budget ones and there is a large selection of apartments to choose from, all over London.

You don’t have to pay extortionate amounts of money just to see the wonders of London, do a bit of research around these different options and you could save yourself huge sums of money that you can spend on enjoying the amazing city instead.

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