Nomad Lifestyle: Living the Dream In Thailand

If you haven’t heard of digital nomads yet, soon you won’t be able to escape mention of them.

The digital age and the world of the internet have drastically changed how people view work and careers. For millennials especially, the opportunities available are resulting in many different perspectives on what “success” looks like compared with their parents’ generation.

nomad life

For many millennials, rather than working their life away, tied down to one location and property, waiting till retirement before hopefully traveling, they are choosing to enjoy life now by becoming “digital nomads.”

A digital nomad is essentially any freelance or traveling professional or entrepreneur who relies on their laptop and fast internet connections to work while they travel, see the world, and live life to the full.

They may live in one country for a few months, then switch to another for a year or more.

One country that has now drawn many of these tech-savvy, free-spirited professionals is Thailand. And with all of its benefits so perfect for a digital worker, it’s no wonder it is becoming a place where these nomads end up settling down for a while.


Thailand provides many perks that makes it the true paradise for nomadic, digital workers. Here is how:

  • - Tons of resources for the digital nomad: though it did not start out this way, Thailand has now become a huge hub of resources perfect for the traveling entrepreneur and freelancer.
  • In the past few years, the country has become home to an exorbitant number of affordable co-working spaces, wide-spread internet services, and even yearly and monthly networking events and opportunities just for digital nomads.

fast internet in Thailand

  • Fast internet everywhere: hinted at above, Thailand has also become a favorite spot for traveling professionals because of its reputation for great, high-speed internet connections wide-spread throughout the country, even in more remote areas closer to nature.

    Since internet access is truly the nomad’s bread and butter, that ranks high on the list for determining where or where not to go.

Cheap cost of living

  • Cheap cost of living: Thailand is also known for being extremely affordable, especially compared to many other cities typically famous for traveling professionals.

    Even for the very young and those just getting started with their freelance career or start-up, the country’s accommodation, co-working spaces, and even food prices are very low and make starting up a new company- while enjoying paradise- affordable.

Gorgeous country, incredible culture

  • Gorgeous country, incredible culture: everyone knows that Thailand is basically synonymous with paradise. With temperate, tropical, sunny weather, and gorgeous sandy beaches, that’s no surprise.

    What makes Thailand so special is the variation of its landscapes. The country is home to huge sections of nearly untouched forest and breathtaking mountain ranges.

    In Thailand you can also find a diversity in cultures. Mega modern cities, like Bangkok, as well as quiet, countryside cities like Phuket, allow you to experience a diversity of cultures.

Lots of other folks just like you

  • Lots of other folks just like you: finally, because of all of the above, if you go to Thailand alone to start your nomadic-working life, you won’t really be alone.

    Between all of the many co-working spaces, regular networking events, the plentiful western eating and drinking establishments, and the sheer fact it is one of the most popular tourist and nomadic-working destinations in the world, you will have plenty of people you can meet and talk to who speak your language and are sharing in like experiences.

Start Your Nomadic Life in Thailand

All sound too good to be true? It doesn’t have to be. If you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur working remotely, you are pretty much ready to go.

But before you hop on a plane, be sure to do the following four steps first:

Learn your visa options

  • Learn your visa options: fortunately getting a visa for Thailand is easy, generally speaking. However, you do need to learn what the various options are and make sure you choose wisely.

    While there are month-by-month tourist visas, they require a border run, and that is becoming more and more difficult to accomplish as it is increasingly frowned upon.

    However, there are longer lasting student visas, and while they do require you to be taking a “course,” their definition of a course is rather flexible. Take a basic Thai language course, a massage training course, or even a self-defense course, and you could be set with a 6 month student visa.

Get a bank account

  • Get a bank account: while traveling and operating in Thailand is relatively safe, pick-pocketing, robbery, drive-by-robbery, and counterfeiting are real problems in Thailand.

    You never really want to have large sums of money on you at one time, and even fairly reliable rooms are very susceptible to being robbed in the night while you sleep (no joke).

    So, rather than risk having large amounts of cash on you at any given time, find a bank you can open up a local account with and use a money transfer program, like Pangea money transfer, to send money to yourself electronically when you need it.
  • Learn where the co-work spaces are: finally, before you head out, look up all of the awesome co-working spaces, and make sure you spread your time out!

    Don’t just stay on the beach- go up into the mountain towns. Don’t stay with the first circle of like-minded individuals you meet- travel and meet more folks and experience different parts of the rich Thai culture.

    Look up the destinations beforehand so you have a solid plan in place before you go. Happy travelling!

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