Say “I do” in the World’s Tallest Moving Observation Tower

The new tourist attraction and perfect wedding venue is located in Brighton, a resort city on the south coast of England, and is named after a leading airline – British Airways i360. It opened last summer and, since then, has already welcomed more than a million passengers and holds the Guinness World Record for being the most slender tower in the world.

Royal Pavilion

Our family loves Brighton, the small and vibrant city by the sea, and we come here very often. There are a lot of things to do, not only during the summer: the gorgeous Royal Pavilion Palace, a romantic marina, an old-fashioned promenade with a traditional fun fair, stylish seafood restaurants and much more.

Brighton pier

Brighton city

Brighton and new landmark
Photo: by Marketing British Airways i360

This time, we came to try something new and exciting – the world’s tallest and most slender tower, with a diameter of just 3.9 metres at its widest point (a Guinness World Record).

British Airways i360
Photo: by Marketing British Airways i360

British Airways i360 is the latest project from husband and wife team, David Marks and Julia Barfield, the architects behind the world-famous London Eye.

The view from British Airways i360

We love to see a landscape from above. Who doesn’t? Anyone who’s ever visited the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building or the London Eye knows that a bird’s eye view of a famous city is a sight that never leaves you.

Oservation pod

This is where British Airways i360 comes in. The design creates a similar visitor experience to the London Eye, but the glass observation pod here is 10 times the size of a London Eye capsule and can hold up to 200 people at one time.

British Airways i360

So, the preparations are done, we are holding our tickets and ready for take-off! It’s time for flight BA i360, the world’s first vertical cable car, where passengers can walk around inside the moving viewing pod.

Ready for the flight

BAi360 and city view
Photo: by Marketing British Airways i360

The overall height is 162 metres and an observation pod elevates passengers from ground level to 138m above Brighton Beach.

View from BA i360

What a view! We were lucky with the weather and we could enjoy breath-taking 360o views across the Brighton and Hove area, the South Downs and the beautiful Sussex coastline. We have been to Brighton many times, but BA i360 gave us a new perspective on this lovely city, the most-visited city in South East England outside of London.

Bar in the sky

A glass of champagne from the Sky Bar on board made our flight even more fantastic and sparkling.

Bar in the sky

The flight takes 20 minutes and the pod slides so quietly and smoothly we didn’t feel any movement.

First moving observation pod
Photo: by Marketing British Airways i360

Since its opening, the attraction has won various prestigious awards for innovation and design.

BA i360

The British Airways i360 pod is licensed for weddings, and couples can say ‘I do’ 138m closer to the sky.

West Pier Tea Room

British Airways i360 looks to the future while respecting the past. The attraction is located at the end of Brighton’s now-derelict West Pier and two of the original 1866 tollbooths have been reconstructed, now housing the British Airways i360 ticket office and the West Pier Tea Room, which has beautiful views of the beach.

New landmark in Brighton by night
Photo: by Marketing British Airways i360

One of the first BA i360 passengers was His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh. He opened the BA i360 in the morning, had a flight and was impressed by the engineering of the observation desk.     

Brighton by night
Photo: by Marketing British Airways i360

Today, the new city landmark attracts tourists all year round, and it doesn’t matter if it’s day or night - especially if you are ready to propose to your beloved or to spend a romantic evening high above the city.

Brighton by night
Photo: by Marketing British Airways i360

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