The Top 5 Restaurants in the World: by Famous Restaurant Critic, Andy Hayler

Andy Hayler has been eating professionally for the last 30 years. He is a well-known restaurant critic from the UK, the only one in his field who has visited all of the restaurants in the world with three Michelin stars.

Restaurant Critic, Andy Hayler

He moved to London after finishing university, got a job in IT and, thanks to his high salary, he began to frequent restaurants. Andy liked to describe his impressions, and he started to write notes. Then he was asked to become a restaurant inspector for a food guide in England.

Michelin star restaurant old sign

It quickly became my hobby, which eventually turned into a book that was published in 1994. The next step after the book was to set up my own website. By 2004, I realised that I had already eaten in all 110 restaurants in the world with three Michelin stars! I don’t hunt for restaurants with a Michelin star and I am not a representative of their guide. I am interested in all restaurants with a high level of service and impeccable quality food. I note that, in my opinion, Michelin is the most unbiased and impartial guide. It takes no money for advertising, and no one can influence the opinion of the inspector. It is impossible to buy a star. That is why the opinion of the inspectors at Michelin are so highly prized among chefs. To get a positive critique means being bestowed with a clear sign of quality.

Australian rack of lamb

Given my experience as a restaurant critic and having travelled so much, I can definitely spot the trend that dishes have become "simpler." Over the past 10 years, chefs in all decent restaurants have actually rejected complicated food. The restaurant business is like fashion, where one innovation succeeds another. The new trend is a tasting menu, when you can try up to 10 different dishes recommended by the restaurant. Maybe you would never order a whole portion of fish, but you would try a sample from this menu. Also, in London, the trend of reduced portions is now gaining momentum. Because of this, meals are a little cheaper, but people order an appetiser, main dish and dessert.

Michelin star restaurant in Paris

In my opinion, the TOP cities with the best restaurants are Tokyo and Paris. They are a real paradise for gourmets!

The top 5 restaurants that Andy Hayler recommends visiting:

Le Calandre restaurant in Italy

The chef of this restaurant is the youngest chef to receive three Michelin stars.

Dining room at Schloss Berg restaurant

A real gem. A restaurant with a stunning kitchen, located in a tiny town in Germany, on the border with Luxemburg.

Ryugin restaurant in Tokyo

Fashionable interpretation of traditional cuisine and a very talented chef.

Amazing Les Pres D'eugenie iterior

Incredible restaurant and perhaps my favourite in the world. It has held three Michelin stars for 40 years! The chef is now 83 and is still in the kitchen every day. Experience the splendour of dishes built from impeccable ingredients and the deep, exciting flavours of simple meals.

Hedone restaurant in London

Great French food! I have visited this restaurant more than 60 times and, believe me, that says that I like it very much!

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