Top 10 Ayurvedic Resorts in Kerala

Kerala is known to many as the jewel of South India. With almost 600kms of stunning Arabian Sea coast and beaches, Kerala is truly a world away from the frenzy of modern living. Besides being home to elephants, exotic birds, temple festivals and snake boat races, Kerala is also world-famous for its spas and Ayurvedic treatments. In this article, we’ve hand-picked the best of those, just for you.

 Athreya ayurvedic resort view

Athreya Ayurvedic Resort promises the ‘Beginning of Healthy Living’. Set up by experienced Ayurvedic doctors, Athreya Ayurvedic Resort has been given the thumbs up by the tourism department as one of the best Ayurveda resorts in Kerala. Every guest’s treatment is customised to his or her individual needs. As well as Ayurvedic treatments and spa services, the resort offers yoga classes and dental care. The resort has been crafted in such a way so as to create an experience that is quite unlike any other by bringing all possible aspects of comfort and needs under one roof. You have the opportunity to enjoy cultural programmes, visit tea, cardamom and rubber estates, play outdoor games like badminton and handball and indoor games like carom and chess. The guests also get to savour the healthy food prepared here.

The Leela hotel view

The Leela requires no introduction, being India’s only cliff-top beach resort. The best in its field, this chain of luxury hotels offers the perfect stay in Kerala. The Leela is the ideal place for those seeking a memorable beach holiday in Kerala; the resort offers well-appointed rooms, state-of-the-art facilities, spa and salon services and, with its five restaurants and bars, a fantastic dining experience. Until the 30th of September, the resort is running a “stay four, pay three” promotion, so you can indulge yourself for longer for less.

Amazing view of Niraayama

Niraayama is amongst the preferred luxury Ayurveda spa resorts in Kerala. Apart from offering great accommodation options with all modern amenities, the resort offers special treatments for stress management, weight loss, skin ailments and detox. At Niraayama, guests have the opportunity to indulge in some delectable feasts. They can savour the taste of authentic Kerala cuisine and learn the secrets of healthy eating. Surrounded by lush greenery by the Arabian Sea, Niraayama’s 31 heritage cottages are traditional Keralite heritage homes which effortlessly blend weathered wood with contemporary luxury, offering the perfect balance between old world charm and modern day comfort.

Uday Samudra view in the evening

You rarely get accommodation like Uday Samudra, which offers so many facilities under one roof that one might get awe struck! At Uday Samudra, guests can avail of services and facilities like the health club, wellness centre, conference rooms, salon, sports, cultural programmes, Indian astrology, cookery exhibitions, fine dining, social event hosting and a dental clinic, as well as Ayurvedic spa treatments. The resort has well-appointed rooms that are equipped with all mod-cons, making your stay even more comfortable. Located just 15 metres from the sea, the setting, facilities, people, spa, cuisine and whole philosophy is dedicated to your personal wellness in a luxurious environment.

Kurakom lake resort

Reckoned to be the finest heritage resort in Kerala, Kumarakom Lake Resort is set in a scenic location on the banks of Lake Vembanad. The award-winning resort once played host to Prince Charles, who celebrated his 65th birthday there. Sprawling over an area of 25 acres, this lake resort is the perfect place to unwind and spend your Ayurveda holiday in Kerala. From its well-stocked rooms to the Ayurvedic spa centre, Ayurmana, and from its large swimming pools to multi-cuisine restaurants, Kumarakom Lake Resort strives to keep you happy in all possible respects. The traditionally styled, luxuriously modern, open-roofed bathrooms set in small, aesthetically designed courtyards are a common feature of the villas and suites.

Kairali healing village

Kairali is a leading Ayurveda resort in Kerala, located just a few kilometres from the world's biggest mountain pass between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Apart from luxury accommodation, at Kairali, you get to have a healthy stay. Owned by a generation of Ayurvedic doctors, this Kerala Ayurveda resort for luxury travellers offers services in healing and treating ailments with the help of Ayurveda. The location of the resort also adds to the charm of spending a vacation here and you get back home feeling completely rejuvenated. Time spent at this unique jungle paradise will allow you to experience the authentic healing practices of ancient India, while relaxing in the lap of modern holistic luxury. Don’t forget to take home some Ayurvedic beauty and skin care products or medicines that will help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Shin Shiva ayuvedic resort view

Perched atop a promontory, surrounded by swaying palms, and commanding a breathtakingly panoramic view of the Arabian Sea, Shin Shiva is an Ayurvedic spa that embodies the very best of what the Indian system of medicine has to offer. Situated in Chowara, which is within close proximity to the famed Kovalam Beach, Shin Shiva is run by a family that has conserved Ayurvedic traditions for 400 years. Overlooking a serene beach, Shin Shiva Ayurvedic Resort is the perfect place to unwind and reap the benefits of the age-old science of natural medicines. At the resort, as well as receiving special Kerala Ayurvedic spa treatments, guests can enjoy yoga sessions and meditation.

Coconut Lagoon view

CGH Coconut Lagoon is a reflection of the old feudal villages of Malabar. This Ayurveda health resort in Kumarakom can be reached only by boat as it is surrounded by water on all sides. From the jetty, your boat courses out over a breezy watery highway. You take a sharp turn into a narrow canal, its banks decked with wildflowers. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted with a restorative coconut cocktail, as you step off the boat and straight to the reception desk, all ready to check in. Offering a scenic and serene setting, this resort helps its guests retain both their physical health and mental wellness. At the resort, the guests can avail of Ayurvedic spa treatments that have the ability to completely rejuvenate you. Enjoy a peaceful time beside the pool or at the side of the lake. At Coconut Lagoon, eating is a pure delight too; relish the taste of oil-free fish and meen moilee, experience a candlelit dinner and enjoy the sumptuous buffet here.

Raviz hotel

Located at the back of Ashtamudi Lake, Welcome Raviz is a 5-star property in Kollam, which offers a window into God’s Own Country. The hotel features the ideal blend of traditional art and modern architecture. Offering great accommodation facilities, delightful dining, and a well-appointed wellness centre, this resort makes for a great place to enjoy a vacation in Kerala. Guests can avail of rejuvenating and curative Ayurveda treatments and massages. The resort also offers services like sailing on Ashtamudi Lake in a private, traditionally-made houseboat. One can also arrange social events including weddings on this boat and have a unique and memorable experience.

Nattika beach resort

Sprawling over 16 acres of land, Nattika Beach Ayurvedic Resort in Thrissur is an ideal place for a holistic experience. The property is dotted with coconut trees, patches of fresh green grass make the place look quite lively and the view of the beach compels guests to extend their stay here. At Nattika, guests can enjoy personalised Ayurvedic treatments and programs. The resort also has an in-house yoga centre called Moksha that lets guests go through soulful yoga and meditation sessions. Apart from this, one also has the opportunity to enjoy the Jacuzzi in the swimming pool, shop at the in-house souvenir shop and watch the cultural programs. Most of all, it is the team at Nattika that ensures your complete rejuvenation by providing traditional Ayurvedic treatments with the utmost personalised care.

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