REAL Adventure in the Caribbean Jungles

How long have I had no REAL adventure! An overwhelming adventure with bubbling adrenaline and cheeks bursting from laughter.

Fastest zip line in the Caribbean

I spent that day in the jungle of the Dominican Republic in the Adventure Park at La Hacienda. At first we rode the longest and the fastest zip line in the Caribbean. To rush at the speed of 70 km per hour over the tops of the trees was an experience indeed. But as it turned out, there was something very special ahead waiting for us.

Quick jump at la Hacienda park

It was a 20-meter high free fall from a huge platform. For 20 meters you just kept falling, and then the cord gently descended you back to earth. "Jump backwards, it is less scary," – said the instructor. Come on! It was scary anyway – backwards or forward or even sideways. It was just scary because I had to make the step from the above–the-trees platform myself. And my brain, which had lost the habit of getting adrenaline, said: “Look, there are the stairs. Just quickly climb down, baby, come on, we are not going to fly”. But there were people at the bottom of the platform that looked very small and they waving hands to me as if saying: “Go ahead, jump”.

Happy woman at adventure park

I did jump. Backwards. Oh, that indeed was not a salsa dance with cute salseros at a five-star hotel.

Posing with beautiful horse

Riding a horse

Then there were the horses. Strong and energetic they apparently felt well while climbing up the steep slopes and coming down the roads washed out by rain. On one of such slopes, I even started talking to my horse: ‘please, sweetheart, hang on, look where you step on'.

Woman riding a horse in adventure park

The instructor rode up to me: "I see you are a professional, come with me!” "I'm not…"- I only managed to say, and my horse immediately rushed toward his stallion and started galloping. It was very dangerous on slippery slopes, but my brain had either already slightly adapted or died from horror, so it was silent. And only the wind was whistling in my in ears - down, up and down again…

Enjoying an adventure park

The next adventure was little safer than mad racing – a buggy Safari along mountain roads. Senorita wants to drive? No problem! There were puddles all around on the lower parts of the route, and at the speed the dirt from under the wheels, accompanied by our mutual squeal, cast us from head to toes.

Happy woman exploring an adventure park

The steering wheel was slippery with dirt, and generally these cars were not designed for gentle female hands. We were turned around several times on the turn. But it just had to be like that, didn’t it? I wasn’t speeding, was I? I felt myself an Army Ranger. Apparently, I had never been so dirty. And so happy because of all that.

Smiling after Safari ride

And then we drove up to a waterfall and dived into the crystal-clear icy water of the mountain river.

And that was all.

Drinking mamajuana

We were taken to rest – to the traditional jungle village, where caring Dominican women offered us their local coffee, cocoa and poured mamajuana (not to be confused with marijuana!). Mamajuana is a Dominican miracle - a tincture made from 25 herbs and honey, rum and wine. It instantly warms you up and relaxes ... It's just a sweet delight! And there we were sitting, holding a cup of mamajuana in our trembling hands, gazing at the gorgeousness of green colors on the mountain slopes in the frame of thunderstorm clouds and feeling that we INDEED HAD LIVED that day. Lived in a stream of happiness.

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