Top 5 Beautifully Decorated Alleys in London this Winter Holiday

Every winter, London becomes exceptionally beautiful, lifting the holiday spirit and attracting millions of people to shop, dine and enjoy the holidays. However, there are several places which are particularly beautifully decorated and they provide a stress-free environment for those who wish to escape the busy shopping streets.

Burlington Arcade

The first shopping arcade in the world, which opened in 1819.  It is now renowned as an architectural and historic chef-d'oeuvre, and is the longest shopping street in Britain.

Bond Street

You cannot call Bond Street an alley, but it is truly beautifully decorated every year and it is a must-visit whether you enjoy shopping for luxurious goods and exclusive brands or just browsing and taking pictures.

New Bond Street

Carnaby Street

Just a few steps away from famous Regent Street, Carnaby Street offers you iconic brand shopping and independent restaurants and pubs to enjoy.

St Christopher’s Place

St Christopher’s Place is located right next to Selfridges off Oxford Street, with a vast number of restaurants to enjoy after a busy day of shopping and tiny speciality boutiques where you can find something extra special for your loved ones.

St Christopher’s Place

St Christopher’s Place

St Christopher’s Place

St Christopher’s Place

Slingsby Place in Covent Garden

A tiny shopping alley right in the heart of Covent Garden.

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