Exploring Vibrant Cuba

As a Caribbean island, Cuba comes with certain expectations - sunshine, sea and sand. I'm happy to inform you that these associations are absolutely correct and that Cuba can offer you a very fine holiday indeed. Holidays to Cuba may not come cheap, but there is more than enough value for money beyond those lush Caribbean shores.


Beautiful woman on the beach in Cuba

Cuba is a large island divided into three sections; Western, Central and Eastern Cuba. The capital city, Havana, is found on the north coast of the western sector of the country and features a lot to do, such as a vibrant and kinetic nightlife, great seafood restaurants, a variety of festivals all year round and some stunning architecture for visitors to enjoy. The Malecón, a long street in Havana, is the main source of the city's nightlife and during the evening it transforms into a blur of colours and sounds.

Downtown Havana at night

For those looking for a more relaxing holiday, the country offers many national parks such as Viñales, a World Heritage Site which features amazing scenery and a beautiful mountain range which serves as a breath-taking backdrop. Activities in this area include hiking and horseback-riding; a lot of farmers live on the land and produce tobacco as well.

Amaing mountain scenery

Public transport within Cuba is good; the transport infrastructure has improved in recent years and the bus line, Víazul, is a great way to get around the island. The buses are well-equipped for long-haul journeys and feature air-conditioning and comfortable seating. When moving around the cities, I'd recommend taking a taxi as opposed to renting a car as the sign posts and quality of the roads is not great. It's better to be driven around by someone who knows what they're doing when it comes to navigating the tricky city roads.

Oldtimer taxi in Cuba

Clubs and bars are usually well-stocked; the music is traditional and genres such as Cuban rap and reggae are frequently played. The culture in Cuba is full-on with the locals loving to play music and dance. The Caribbean is on full show here with nothing held back. The most famous event is the Havana International Jazz Festival, but there are plenty of other interesting activities throughout the year.

Old man playing music on Havana streets

The cuisine is mixed, with some locations tending to focus on their Spanish roots whilst others cater for a more mainstream audience and include American dishes. A key ingredient, as one might imagine, is spice, and lots of it. Cuba prides itself on its unique and diverse culture and, more importantly, the country is proud to share that culture with others.

Sunset in Cuba

Cuba is a fantastic destination if you are celebrating a special holiday, like a honeymoon or an anniversary. The island offers world-class accommodation in the most spectacular surroundings so you can be sure that your holiday will be truly memorable.

Cuba also has a vibrant musical scene and many opportunities for cultural sightseeing. The most famous event is the Havana International Jazz Festival, but there are other interesting activities all year round.

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