6 Countries That Claim to be Coffee Connoisseurs

There are plenty of countries who claim their caffeine capabilities far outweigh their rivals – with the hot drink (which gets most people through the day) having now travelled to every inhabited continent on Earth.

Today we’re going to take a look at six of the best when it comes to the serving of a decent cup of Joe, with entries on the list from every corner of the globe.

Coffee break in New Zealand with amazing view

New Zealand is a hotbed of culture, but probably not one you’d naturally associate with the manufacturing of coffee.

In reality there’s a real haven for the hot drink in the Oceanic nation, with the Kiwis even going as far as to claim they’re responsible for the creation of the classic flat white.

They battle with nearby neighbours Australia over this, with seemingly no clear answer to the debate. Regardless, “coffee experts agree that the crux of the matter is to do with the ratio of coffee to milk” and not the land of origin, however.

Coffee plantations in Vietnam

Since the Vietnam War, this Asian nation has taken significant steps forwards when it comes a whole heap of different social aspects – adopting a far more western approach to some things.

The Vietnamese go as far as to grow their own cropsin certain parts of the country, with Hanoi serving as a particular hotspot for the coco bean.

You’ll find hundreds of small stalls set up all along the streets of the region, with each offering a different and unique brand of the brew.

Argentina flag with cup of coffee

As well as the finest steaks and attack-minded football players on the planet, Argentina also make a claim for some of the finest coffee available to man.

The capital city of Buenos Aires is a particular hotspot for the famous bean, with it said the city wouldn’t be able to function without the “café cortado”, an espresso that’s “cut” with a small amount of hot milk.

This is just one of many different variants of the drink available, which can all be followed down by a series of sweet croissants available from most cafes and bars.

Drying coffee beans in Morocco

This north African country is famed for a plethora of drinks, so it’s perhaps no surprise coffee is among one of the delights Moroccans salivate over.

Nous Nous is a cultural delight for most Moroccans, where drinking the caffeine-pumped beverage is seen as something of a past-time more than anything else.

You won’t find people from this African nation walking around with a cup in their hands – rather they’ll take the time to sit, sup and enjoy a coffee in a special bar with friends and family.

Espresso coffee on the table in Italy

It would be criminal not to include the likes of Italy on this list, with the central European nation having given the world the flavour-sensation that is the espresso.

Much like most things in their culture, the Italians see coffee as an art form, which is probably why some opinions of theirs are a little extreme when it comes to the beany drink.

One rule states there’s to be no cappuccinos after 11am, while another suggests that flowery orders, such as a hazelnut shot, should be looked down upon.

Ethiopia coffee

There are some sources which claim coffee originated in Ethiopia, so there’s definitely an argument to suggestthe African nation earns a spot on our list.

An Ethiopian coffee ceremony is well worth checking at some point, which sees coffee beans roasted, ground, brewed and then poured into three cups – all of differing strengths.

You start with the strongest before working your way to the weakest, as your taste buds travel along a roadway of immense flavour.

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