5 Reasons to Travel to Tenerife

Tenerife has been one of the most attractive destinations for couples, solo travellers, adventure seekers and those who’re just looking for some fun in the sun. A real treasure of the Canary Islands, the island of eternal spring offers a range of activities and attractions, making it perfect choice for European vacation. From elegant resorts, to wonderful beaches and thrilling outdoor activities, Tenerife should definitely be the next holiday destination for anyone.

El Teide Volcano

The best way to explore gorgeous Tenerife is to engage in numerous adventure sports. A myriad of different trails can be found in Tenerife, which will be a true delight for all hiking lovers. National Park of Las Canadas that offers the best trails with different levels of difficulty.

Rappelling is definitely the experience worth experiencing. The Canyon in La Orotava is the perfect place for exploring all the wonders of Tenerife and trying something new for the first time. Various companies offer a day trip experience where tourists can meet new people, engage in rappelling, and discover another amazing side of this spectacular island.

El Teide Volcano

Scuba diving, sailing, paragliding, whale and dolphin watching will be a great way to enjoy Tenerife. Engaging in water sports like jet skiing, fishing and kayaking is something no tourist should miss on this beautiful island. With the proper equipment provided by the specialised companies, tourists can enjoy watching some of the most enchanting species of the water world.

Tenerife, Canarian Islands

The capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz, is the home of the spectacular Carnival of Santa Cruz. It’s the second most popular carnival in the world, after the amazing festival in Rio de Janeiro. People from all over the world come to enjoy Tenerife and be a part of the magical atmosphere this two-weeks-long festival offers every year.

Thrilling Nightlife

Tenerife is also an island known for the thrilling nightlife many single travellers like to enjoy. Playa de las Americas is the number one place to party all night long. All the single girls and boys who’d like to unwind and enjoy the party with live music will love this party town. There are other options suitable for any tourist; Cabarets, live music clubs, restaurants, and nightclubs in Playa de las Americas are there to provide the ultimate unique island fun that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Playa de las Americas

Romantic escape

Weddings are particularly romantic on the island, which is why Tenerife has become one of the most popular wedding destinations in the last couple of years. Not only is it a great place to tie the knot, but get engaged as well. A midnight cruise followed by a romantic dinner under the candlelight is one of the most romantic ways to propose to a loved one. As the island of the eternal spring, Tenerife offers perfect temperature, so after a wonderful wedding, the happy couple can enjoy their honeymoon on the island as well.

Luxurious Resort at Tenerife

What would an exotic island be without luxurious resorts for tourists to relax, unwind, and enjoy themselves. Another reason to visit Tenerife is a range of elegant resorts suitable for families, couples, or solo travelers. Sometimes, all a person needs is to lay back, enjoy the sun and panoramic views from a five star resort. Soothing spas, exquisite menus, and sport courts will provide all the guests with a high-class stay in Tenerife.

Playa del Duque


The island of the eternal spring is one of the most beautiful and popular islands in Europe. With a range of interesting activities and attractions, it’s a great holiday destination for everyone from families with small children to honeymooners and even single travellers. Therefore, anyone who’s planning their next vacation should definitely put Tenerife on the top of their list of potential destinations.

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