An Incredible Sea Adventure: Swimming with Dolphins in the Caribbean Sea

It was one of the most difficult dreams to realise. I’d always wanted to swim and play with dolphins, the most amazing creatures on Earth. But simply because they are so smart and wonderful, I'm against dolphinariums. So I found a place where dolphins live in the most natural environment - the sea. Dolphin Island is located 1 km from the shore of Punta Cana, and is the only place in the Dominican Republic where you can swim with dolphins in their natural habitat.

Dolphin island

There are 15 dolphins living in this enclosed territory. Most of them were born there so they can’t hunt for fish themselves and regard their trainers as their family. The special bond between them is obvious.

Speed boat trip

The fun started with a speed boat trip around Dolphin Island, full of laughs and splashes. The speed boat did zigzags and even went under the water.

Dolphins greetings

The dolphins greeted us by jumping from the water. My dream was about to come true!

Island Park

A dolphin’s skin is as soft as velvet when you touch it and these animals have a very special energy. My palms felt it long after we left, and there was a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Dolphin Island in Punta Cana

Dolphins have larger brain than humans, but it hasn’t been proven that they have the same intellect. There is a special bond between them, especially between mothers and babies. It’s similar to the feeling that humans call love. Like us, dolphins also have sex for pleasure, and they definitely love playing, maybe even more than us.

Swimming with dolphins

We had so much fun. Paying attention to every single movement of the instructor’s hand, our dolphin entertained all of us. The best part was singing with him - when he popped up out of the water just in front of you, smiled in your face and sang. Holding onto his fins and going fast with him was exciting, too.

Swimming with dolphins

They need to be active, to do something all the time. Dolphins can't just swim around and do nothing so the instructors create new games for them every day.

Dolphin kiss

Looking into their clever eyes I had mixed feelings - it looked like they were happy to be playing with us, but at the same time I felt guilty that they had to do this. But the borders of the island looked like the dolphins could easily escape and be free if they wanted to - if they know what freedom is.

Ready to swim

On the way to the Dolphin Island

Take me there!

You can choose different programmes. The most expensive is the Royal Swim where you will be alone with two dolphins. It costs 195 dollars and excludes swimming with stingrays and sharks. Other programmes include practically the same thing, but it will be one dolphin per group of up to 12 people. Please also note that you can't take a camera with you, as they may scratch the dolphins’ soft skin. The only way to get photos is to buy them from a professional photographer. Prices start from 50 dollars depending on how many you want.

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