Kemeri National Park: One of Latvia’s Natural Wonders

Not many people know that not far from the capital city of Riga, Latvia, lies such a unique and truly beautiful place. I just happened to stumble upon it after a long bike ride with my husband. I can’t say I’d recommend going to Ķemeri Park on a bike though – the wooden trails are so narrow, I fell off my bike straight into the swamp! With my bike and camera… Of course this added entertainment value but I’d rather not repeat the experience!

Wooden path in the forest

The Park’s narrow paths are suitable only for walking. I’d love to come back here again, maybe at a different time of the year, to enjoy the peace and tranquillity. I can imagine how gorgeous it would be here on a frosty winter morning at dawn

Amazing view on national park Kemeri

Swamp view

Swamp closeup

Although it is one of Latvia’s lesser-known destinations, Ķemeri is one of the country’s natural treasures. Its ancient raised bogs, swamps, forests and lakes were created approximately 8,000 years ago when the sea retreated to its current position.

Pine tree in national park Kemeri

Close to 900 varieties of flora can be found here, including some plants that you won’t see anywhere else in Latvia. The Park is also home to a wide variety of wildlife including the black stork, deer, moose, foxes, wolves and horses.

Riding bicycle on forest path

National park Kemeri view

Depending on your level of fitness, you can choose your walking or hiking trail accordingly. The easiest trail is the Lielā Ķemeru tīreļa taka, where a 3km boardwalk takes you through the picturesque landscape. A conveniently located observation tower allows you to take amazing photos of this virtually untouched natural wonder. It would also be a great place to watch the sunrise.

Breathtaking views

Ejoying the view

Plenty of information boards (also in English) dot the way but I would advise you to take a packed lunch and drinks as, once you’re in the Park, there isn’t much in the way of civilisation.

Relaxing in national park

This, however, is the main part of its appeal - Ķemeri is a wonderful place to get away from it all and experience truly unspoilt nature.

Take me there!

How to get there:Trains run from Riga Central Railway Station every two hours. All trains on the Riga - Tukums route stop at Ķemeri.


Languages spoken:English, German, Russian, Latvian

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