Hue Tombs: Treasure, Tu Duc and Tranquillity

Although the Hue Tombs are doable in a day, I regretted that that was all the time I had. I would gladly have spent much longer there, exploring the tombs and strolling around the peaceful city. Due to the rainy weather, we had the place pretty much to ourselves so we were able to relax and take a lot of photos.

Amazing view of Hue tomb

Hue tomb in Vietnam

Of the seven Hue tombs, three are significantly more popular due to their relatively good condition and easy accessibility – these are the tombs of Minh Mang, Tu Duc, and Khai Dinh. Tu Duc was the only Emperor who moved his household into his tomb, building a Forbidden City of his own on the grounds, and making this tomb the most opulent of all the royal tombs

Beautiful girl in Hue tombs

Emperor Tu Duc loved this place more than his palace, and I share his opinion – it’s amazing!

Trees in Hue tomb park

View on Hue tomb park

 Luu Khiem Lake view

Tu Duc designed this mausoleum himself, for use both before and after his death. From the entrance, a path leads to Luu Khiem Lake, around which is the Honour Courtyard. Across the lake is the pavilion where Tu Duc would sit and compose or recite poetry while spending time with his many concubines. He also had 104 wives…

Hue tomb stairs

Enjoying Hue tomb

Tu Duc was not interred in his intended tomb “Khiem” (modest) – to this day, nobody knows where his remains and vast treasure are buried. All 200 servants who buried the emperor were beheaded so that the location would be kept secret from grave-robbers.

Hue tomb collage

Beautiful girl in Vietnam

A pretty grim story behind a very pretty place.

Take me there!

How to get there:You can hire a cyclo or a motorbike from Ho Chi Minh City or go on a guided tour.

Admission:Approximately $4.50 to the main tombs

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