Q: Minimalistic Perfection at One of the Most Expensive Sushi Restaurants in LA

I was really curious as I approached a small restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. What was it that made this place so special that a sushi dinner for two here costs around 400 dollars!? Even though LA takes second spot in the world’s most sushi-obsessed cities, it’s still a high price. But I will admit that it was a very special dinner that every Japanese cuisine lover should experience.

Chef Hiro

Taking purity and simplicity as its manifesto, Q provides an unsurpassed omakase dining experience. Watching the chef, Hiroyuki Naruke, who perfected his sushi in several restaurants in Tokyo, preparing sushi in the Edomae style in front of you is pure pleasure itself. The dinner consists of 26 freshly-made sushi and sashimi served one by one, so you can enjoy every single taste. The lighting sets the mood, and features hundreds of glowing orbs that converge above the sushi bar and direct the focus onto Hiro and his culinary artworks.

Q sushi interior

I spent two hours here but, I must say, in this tiny, wood-panelled place, time somehow stands still. 

Sushi with wild tuna

Sushi in Q restaurant

The main focus here is the food. Everything - from sardines to wild tuna - tastes so good, building on the flavours of traditional sushi; the sushi at Q accentuates the flavour of the fish rather than of the rice or condiments.

Flawless dish

Every day the menu changes, as the chef picks up the best at the market. Your sashimi courses may include slivered needlefish cured with soy, shigoku oyster with an unusually tart ponzu or a tiny bowl of sliced South Korean squid drizzled with an intense puree of fermented bonito intestines — the sauce tastes like anchovies, more or less.

Chef in Q sushi restaurant

The dinner also includes a traditional bowl of miso soup enhanced with kasu. And yes, you will be invited to use your hands while eating your sushi. And you don't have to worry about drenching your sushi with soy sauce or wasabi because you will not be given any - everything you need is already added to your sushi. All you need to do is enjoy this special Japanese gurme experience.


521 W. 7th St., Los Angeles, (213) 225-6285, qsushila.com.

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