Eltermere Inn: Probably the Most Romantic Afternoon Tea in England

Anywhere our Trip Temptation team go for a holiday, we try to find and experience the best afternoon tea ceremony in the area - especially when we travel to England, the country which is synonymous with afternoon tea. This time we were in the Lake District and we chose a peaceful and tranquil place by the river and mountains – the luxurious Eltermere Inn.

Eltermere Inn

The Lake District is a very popular destination with tourists from all over the world. With stunning landscapes, lakes, mountains and historic sights, there’s no better place to come and escape your daily routine and stress. All negative thoughts vanish here, especially when you’re sitting with a cup of aromatic tea in the garden of gorgeous Eltermere Inn.

Eltermere Inn

Eltermere Inn is the perfect getaway for couples and nature lovers. Located in the quiet and picturesque village of Elterwater and not far from busy Bowness-on-Windermere, the hotel offers amazing views from the property over the mountains and the lake, fishing and hiking facilities for active guests, and even a boat you can borrow.

Afternoon tea in Eltermere Inn

Eltermere Inn lies nestled in beautiful Langdale Valley and is surrounded by green lawns which lead down to the lakeshore in the shade of forested hills. It’s a great pleasure to sit outside and sip tea late in the afternoon.

Afternoon tea in Eltermere Inn

Did you know the tradition of having afternoon tea in England is surprisingly new? According to legend, one of Queen Victoria’s close friends, Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, introduced this concept in the middle of the 19th century. Anna was usually very hungry before dinner so she asked for a tray of tea with bread, butter and cake. Later, she began inviting friends to join her and the afternoon tea ceremony became a fashionable social event.

Afternoon tea in Eltermere Inn

Nearly 200 years have passed since the Duchess of Bedford’s aristocratic innovation and, nowadays, we still enjoy sitting down with a cup of tea in the afternoon.

Afternnon tea in the garden

The afternoon tea tradition was born inside the houses of the rich and fortunate but, once summer came, they took their tea out into their beautiful gardens. Eltermere Inn offers afternoon tea on the lawn as well. We were lucky with the weather and sat in the peaceful garden with the local sheep for company. In the relaxed atmosphere, we enjoyed aromatic tea served with light sandwiches (including traditional thinly-sliced cucumber sandwiches), scones with clotted cream, delicious homemade cakes, pastries accompanied by fresh strawberries, and peaceful solitude.

Traditional sweets for afternoon tea

People say – “More an occasion than a hot drink”. We can thank the Duchess of Bedford for the inspiration.

Eltermere Inn Lounge

Apart from their romantic afternoon tea, Eltermere Inn has 12 lovely, individually-decorated bedrooms all with wonderful views and stylish Georgian décor.

Eltermere Inn Entrance

Once a farmhouse with a collection of surrounding barns, Eltermere Inn dates back as far as the late 1500s. In the 18th century, the house was remodelled by locar farmer William Robinson as a country residence from which it now gets its gentrified look without losing any of its original character.

Eltermere Inn entrance

Today, it’s a family-run hotel and feels more like a private house; it’s a very cosy and intimate place. When we met the owner, Mark, he was planting flowers in the garden with his son Ed, who oversees the kitchen and works as a chef.

Visitor's book in Eltermere Inn

Restaurant in Eltermere Inn

Restaurant in Eltermere Inn

Restaurant in Eltermere Inn

Cosy lounge in Eltermere Inn

To experience what we think is the most romantic afternoon tea in England and stay at charming Eltermere Inn, treat yourself to a trip to the Lake District.

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