Top 5 Kitesurfing Spots in Europe you need to know about

Kitesurfers in Sotavento Lagoon Beach

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced kitesurfer, you have definitely heard about Sotavento Lagoon beach, located near Costa Calma in Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands.

The lagoon is the ideal location to start your kitesurfing lessons if you are an absolute newbie. It provides excellent conditions - the average air temperature is between 21- 28°C/70-82°F and the water temperature ranges from 18-23°C/64-74°.

There are top kitesurfing schools around the lagoon, with very experienced instructors who will provide you with a good basic knowledge that will have you standing on your board after only a couple of lessons. And who knows, maybe you will be able to show what you've got in the open sea.

The open sea is for more experienced surfers who are not afraid of strong gusts of wind. As the wind can range from 20-40 knots, you will never have a lack of wind in Sotavento. However, like any lagoon the tides change. Therefore, be aware of tide times before booking your trip. Without water, it is just a beautiful beach where you can take lots of gorgeous Instagram pictures.

Best months to travel: May-October

Kiting in Hayling Island

Hayling Island is a spot which definitely merits inclusion in the top 5 places to kitesurf in Europe. It's located in southern England between Chichester and Portsmouth, which is about 2 hours by train or car from London. It is also known as “God’s Pocket” as it gets more sunshine than any other place in the UK, giving you more opportunity to get in the water. Also, for several years Richard Branson’s Virgin has been holding a kitesurfing festival for charity with more than 5 Guinness World Records broken.

Hayling Island creates a flat and shallow lagoon for over 1km into the sea, generating an amazing learning environment in any wind direction. It is important to note that, due to local committee restrictions, you are required to obtain a daily permit in order to have a lesson with one of the registered schools. In return, you will get rescue cover and full-time assistance with launching and landing.

Best months to travel: April – October

Kitesurfing Rhodes

Rhodes, one of the largest Greek islands, is famous for its hotels, ruins and, like everywhere in Greece, its food.

Kremasti Beach is located 12km from Rhodes town centre, with a cross shore wind providing excellent conditions suitable for all levels. In the mornings, the wind is slow (around 14-16 knots), but by the afternoon, it picks up to 20-22 knots almost every day during the summer. Kremasti Beach is very laid-back and relaxing, and you can swim in turquoise waters and enjoy superb taverna food. The nightlife is mainly located in the hotels or in Rhodes town. However, there are some really good kitesurfers' parties happening throughout the summer.

Best time to travel: June to October

Kites on Sal Island

Sal Island is located in the Cape Verde Islands, south of the Canaries. It is known as the most reliable kitesurfing spot in Portugal during the winter season, from November to April. Therefore, if you do not want to fly far from home, this is the ideal spot. The conditions for kitesurfing are perfect for experienced riders as the sea gets choppy and the wind is strong. And if the wind direction is not to your liking, you can always move around the island as there are over 10 kite beach spots to try. The atmosphere on Sal Island is a mixture of Cape Verdian, Portuguese and Caribbean culture. Therefore, the evenings are pretty fun in the local bars and restaurants - if you have any energy left. And trust us, Sal Island is not as boring as it seems. It offers plenty of things to do to fill your one or two-week holiday with unforgettable activities.

Best months to travel: November to April

Tarifa- kitesurfes paradise

It has been called the “Mecca of Kitesurfing”; others call it the capital of the wind. Therefore, there is no need for an introduction to Tarifa. The wind in Tarifa is good almost all year round on its 11km-long sandy beach at Los Lances, with a mixture of small and choppy waves. However, it can get really crowded during the school summer holidays.

The best months to learn are April to June and then from September to November, when the beaches are not that crowded and the weather is good. More experienced riders will unquestionably find that they can ride all year round, however, in winter, you will need a full wet-suit and to be aware of seriously strong winds known as “Levante”. As well as the great wind, in Tarifa town centre you will find cosy cafes, kite stores and a quite busy night life in its bars and clubs, known to be a kite surfer's paradise. Out of the water, there are plenty of things around Gibraltar to see and to do. Tarifa is a must for any level of kite rider.

Best months to travel: April - November

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