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If you've ever wanted to experience the beauty of Norway's cliffs and fjords, visiting Stavanger is definitely a great choice. Stavanger is the fourth-largest city in Norway and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. It is a gorgeous little city and there is plenty to do. But if you only have two days, like we did, you really should put these two things on your “to-do list” - a hike to Pulpit Rock and a visit to Flor og Fjaere, a small island with incredible gardens and a gorgeous restaurant.

You start your hiking adventure by getting to Tao city, by ferry, from Stavanger Harbour.

Ferry in Norway

But don’t just sit there during the ride! You can catch some wonderful views if you go out onto the deck.

Charming view from ferry deck

The hiking trip starts from an amazing lake between the mountains. 

Amazing views in Norway

The hiking trip starts from an amazing lake between the mountains. Our destination, Preikestolen - or “Pulpit Rock” - is a famous tourist attraction. It consists of a steep cliff rising 604 metres above the lake. The whole journey to the site is only 2.4 miles long, however, it gets pretty tough with steep inclines. Take a coat but be ready to get really warm!

Hiking to Preikestolen

The hiking trip to “Pulpit Rock” starts as a gentle and fascinating walk on the trails, but it gets more challenging and will put your physique to the test.

Path to Pulpit Rock

When you get tired, you can find some meditative places for a quick rest. 

Enjoying beautiful Preikestolen view

It took us 2.5 hours to get up the path. Nirvana was reached at our destination. It is impossible to describe the incredible feeling once you get to the top of the cliff.

Fantastic view from Pulpit Rock

Tourists from all over the world gather at this special place to witness the most popular and spectacular sights in Norway.

Tourists at Preikestolen

Hiking to Pulpit Rock is a must-do in Stavanger! You won’t forget these mesmerising views.

Happy couple in Stavanger

We started our second day with a walk in Stavanger's old town. Cute little statues await you on every corner and make the atmosphere really cosy.

Just look at those trolls!

Stavanger funny trolls

Exploring Stavanger

After exploring the streets and sights in this charming old town, we went to the harbour to get to our second destination – the island of flowers, Flor og Fjære.

To visit this amazing place, you need to book it in advance on the website. Then a ferry will take you straight to your destination.

Tourists ferry in Norway

Flor og Fjaere is a beautiful garden island. The history of this marvellous place started in 1965 with Asmund and Else Marie Bryn, when the couple bought the small island near Stavanger. In 1987, the couple moved permanently to the island to live in fresh air and peace. Asmund, the owner, started gardening - a hobby he had previously enjoyed a lot. As time went on, the garden expanded and became more impressive. In 1995, Asmund’s son and his wife invited their first guests to the island and the list grew to several hundred visitors. They realised it could become a top attraction in this region and, by the following year, the number of guests increased to 10,000. All of the family members now work here and this place has become one of the most popular in Stavanger.

Flog og Fjare gardens

Asmund’s granddaughter walked us through all of the trails and we were amazed at the effort put into creating and maintaining this beauty.

Some plants live throughout the year, but most of them would not survive the coldest temperatures. So, over 50,000 different trees and flowers are planted every spring and thousands more are transported between greenhouses and the island every year.

Amazing Stavanger gardens

These gardens are truly magnificent and a completely unexpected sight in a cold country like Norway.

Beautiful pond in Stavanger gardens

The island is split into different areas with different themes. Tropical, bamboo, waterfalls, beach, and more.

Beach area in Flor og Fjare

It feels more like being on a tropical island than being in Norway.

Amazing plants on Flor og Fjare

Even though I am not such a big fan of flowers and fauna, I was still stunned by its beauty.

Enjoying beauty of Stavanger gardens

But, if you are a flower lover, or would like to spend a romantic day with your loved one, Flor og Fjaere is definitely the number one place to visit.

Gorgeous views of Stavanger gardens

We truly enjoyed spending a day in this lovely place and highly recommend visiting!

Have a great time in Stavanger and don't forget the Norwegian saying, “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”!

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