10 Romantic Places around the World You Probably Didn’t Know About

St. Valentine’s Day is almost here, and we want to tell you about some special places to visit, and what to do there. Everyone knows the traditional spots to propose, swear their eternal love or to have a romantic stroll, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or a gondola ride in Venice. We have chosen some alternatives for you, many of them not that well-known, but we can assure you they are amour-inspiring spots to visit throughout February or on the day itself.

Valentine Stone in Koh Samui

The Valentine Stone on Koh Samui is a vivid example of a new attraction on the island. Discovered a couple of years ago, today it's a famous stop for couples. The Stone is located in an amusement park, where lovers can take some nice pictures and swear their eternal love. The park itself has a waterfall, a viewpoint and the stone. Locals say that if lovers touch the stone together, their love for each other will be eternal.

From the right angle, the stone looks a bit like a cartoonish heart. The coloured letters “Valentine Stone” will help you find the ideal place for pictures. Another “must-take picture” is by the thematic inscription “Love”.

Kissing Monument in San Diego

The most famous kiss in America happened in Times Square in New York, and celebrated the end of World War II. A happy sailor kissed the first girl he saw in the street at the very moment victory was announced. She was a nurse. This famous scene was captured by Alfred Eisenstaedt and published on the cover of a 1945 issue of Life magazine.

The almost 8-metre high bronze statue, weighing about six tonnes, is located in the Port of San Diego, near the USS Midway Museum. Every date by this monument can turn into an endless kiss. Locals and tourists come here every day to declare their love or to propose.

Wall of Love in Paris

The wall was created 16 years ago in Abbesses garden in Montmartre. It’s a love-themed, 40-metre long wall, where the phrase “I Love You” appears 311 times in 250 languages.

The romantic concept made this place extremely popular among couples from all over the world. One more reason to come here – there's an amazing view over Paris from this point. It’s an ideal stop during your honeymoon.

Maiden's Tower in Turkey

This gorgeous city offers couples an endless number of hidden and amorous places. One of the most romantic must-visit sights is the Maiden’s Tower. In our opinion, this is the best place in town to propose to your loved one. People say getting married here will guarantee a couple a long life of peace and harmony.

According to legend, a young man named Leander fell in love with a girl here. As the tower is located quite far from the shore, the girl lit a fire on the rocks while he swam all the way from the other side. One stormy night, the fire went out and Leander drowned in the cold, dark water. She couldn't bear his loss and took her own life…

Terni Village in Italy

The place where Saint Valentine was born is incredibly popular among couples all year round but especially in February. A great feast takes place all month with a closing ceremony on the 14th of February. Thousands of honeymooners and lovers come here to visit the Basilica di san Valentino and to say “I Love you” with a new passion.

The atmosphere of love and romance prevails in the village these days: a colourful carnival, dances, jewellery-making competitions and fireworks. One can even organise a wedding here.

Saint Valentine was Terni’s first bishop. The legend goes that he used to give the gift of a flower from his own garden to young visitors. One day, two of these young people fell in love and got married, forever linking Valentine with love.

Lovers statue in London

A train station is usually not the best place for a date. But when a nine-metre-high statue appeared in St. Pancras station, many couples in London made it their choice for date night. The Meeting Place is a new local symbol of eternal love. It aims to reflect the romantic nature of train travel, and reminds travellers of the people they love waiting for them.

Tourists and locals take trains to Paris and Brussels from this station and every time they pass this statue, they say that it’s one of the most romantic places in London.

Trevi Fountain in Rome

One of the most romantic and beautiful places in the eternal city of Rome. The main legend of the Trevi Fountain says that: making a wish by throwing a coin over your shoulder into the fountain will bring you back to Rome. If you throw two coins, you will find true love; three coins guarantee a marriage in the near future; four coins will bring wealth. One important thing – tradition says that you must throw the coin over your left shoulder while standing with your back to the Trevi Fountain.

But there are many more myths. For example, a very romantic ritual is associated with the miniature fountain to the left of the Trevi, known as “the Small Fountain of Lovers” or “Fontanina degli innamorati”. According to legend, couples that drink together from the mini fountain will be faithful for life.

Statue of Juliet in Verona

Everybody knows Juliet never lived here, but crowds of lovers and admirers come here every day - first of all to see the legendary balcony and also… to rub the right breast of the bronze statue of Juliet. It is meant to bring good fortune and luck to those who are unlucky in love. If you come here with your lover, you should kiss under Juliet’s balcony. This tradition is meant to bring eternal love.

Another tradition is to write your name and the name of your loved one on the walls of the entrance, known as “Juliet's Wall”. Many believe that writing here will make their love everlasting. If you can't make it to Verona but desperately need love, there is a plan B. You can write a letter to Juliet. The address is simple – “Juliet’s House”, Verona. Letters like these are delivered every day and replied to by local volunteers.

Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji

This romantic retreat is situated below sea level, about 13 metres down, in the centre of the lagoon on Poseidon Island. Every underwater suite looks like a separate capsule, looking out onto a private coral garden. Most of the walls are transparent so you can see the unique underwater world.

One can find a bar, restaurant, gym, and even a church to get married in here. An immersive underwater experience! In the evening, guests can switch on a special light which attracts fish and animals, and each suite is also equipped with special push button fish feeders. An unforgettable night is guaranteed.

Charles Bridge in Prague

This is a must-see while you are in Prague. First of all, it's very beautiful and old. But there is another reason Charles Bridge is famous. You can make a wish there that will certainly come true if you do it in the right way. You have to find the statue of St. John of Nepomuk, touch it and ask him to help you. John of Nepomuk was a priest and people believe he was a patron of lovers. The plaque on the statue gleams thanks to the countless people who have touched it over the centuries. One can find newly married couples and lovers here every day.

Locals also believe that a kiss or confession of love on the bridge will secure it for the ages.

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