Lech Zürs: Why Royal Families Choose this Resort in Austria

Join us at the most stylish and fashionable resort in Austria – a place loved by royals, Lech Zürs.

Fiat 500 in Alps

Our journey started in Munich, where we took our beautiful, brand new Fiat 500 from Hertz Car Rentals and drove along the picturesque road through the Alps.

Amazing views of Alps

Amazing view of Lech Zurs

The charm of Lech Zürs is hard to beat. Located in a stunning, snowy valley, high in the mountains, this traditional village attracts both beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders (the resort is famous for its off-piste skiing).

Fantastic view of lift to the mountains

Lech Zürs is among 12 other villages included on the “Best in the Alps” golden list. And there are many reasons for this. Linked by lifts and runs to higher Zürs, by gondola link to the snowiest slopes in the Alps at Warth, the cable car up to Oberlech and free buses to Stuben, St. Christoph and St. Anton, the whole area is known as Ski Arlberg, and provides 350 km of perfect slopes and 200 km of off-piste skiing with 97 lifts and cable cars.

Exploring amazing Lech Zurs

Packed with exclusive five-star hotels with outdoor swimming pools (some of them with ski-in, ski-out options) and some nice après ski bars in the valley, this resort always attracts fashionable and wealthy people, including royal families. The resort has some exclusive things for its picky guests, like heli-skiing. Lech Zürs is the only resort in Austria where you can take a helicopter ride with three friends and an instructor over the highest mountains and start a free ride from there. There are two off-piste options – one for professionals and one for intermediate skiers or snowboarders.

Fantastic Lech Zurs resort view

Bar in the mountains Lech Zurs

The lovely bar in the mountains was a favourite of Princess Diana, where she enjoyed the sunshine, drank beer and ate her French fries. Of course there are many other options besides fast food. Restaurants here are mainly located in the hotels, and provide outstanding cuisine using ingredients from local farmers. The food is really mouth-watering so we weren't too surprised to find out that Lech had been awarded the “World Gourmet Village” award.

Amazing Hartenfels hotel

We stayed in the wonderful Hartenfels, a 4* ski-in ski-out family hotel in a calm Zug, just 3km from Lech, and connected by lift to the Lech slopes, with an evening bus service to take you to Lech’s nightlife.

Beautiful woman in Alps

Skiing instructor in Alps

We spent every day high in the mountains. The first day, we were accompanied by a professional instructor from Lech ski school, which made us much more comfortable, even on the most difficult runs. Thank you, Edi, we enjoyed your skiing lessons a lot.

Beautiful woman skiing

Relaxing in Alps

Rental car in Alps, Austria

The area is well-known for its perfect snow conditions in the winter. During our stay we got the proof – in just one night, the valley got covered with around 50 cm of snow making the first rides in the morning especially enjoyable with fresh snow on the pistes.

Breathtaking view on mountais

There are no black slopes in Lech, so if you want to challenge yourself you should head to St. Anton or Warth. Or choose any deep snow, off-piste skiing or snowboarding, which is absolutely brilliant here too. The longest off-piste ride is 5.5 km long, and the feeling of freedom and excitement is beyond imagination.

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