The Seychelles Islands: Top Things to Do in Paradise

It’s no secret that the Seychelles are considered to be one of the most beautiful island groups in the world, with the most stunning scenic views. But do they really deserve the hype? The best way to find out is to check them out for yourself, which we did. After visiting a lot of other islands in the world like Hawaii, the Canary Islands and Mauritius, we were eager to compare them to this so-called paradise.

We arrived on the main island, Mahe, which is also the largest. In total, the Seychelles consist of more than 115 islands, some of which are completely deserted.

Breathtaking Seychelles panorama view

Just as we had imagined, the island is really green with a lot of hills and small mountains. The first thing you want to check out is, of course, the beach. The water is crystal clear and the colour is sparkling blue. It’s just spectacular. But so far we wouldn’t say that these are the most beautiful beaches in the world, even though there is something magical about them, especially the underwater life, with fish of all kinds and colours swimming between the reefs.

Seychelles big turtles

Another attraction of the Seychelles are the gigantic turtles that these islands are famous for. They are almost as playful as cats and always hungry, so feeding the turtles is one of the main tourist activities.

Adventurous Seychelles hiking

Once you’re done with the beach, we suggest you go hiking. There is absolutely nothing dangerous here at all and even the spiders aren't poisonous. The nature is just breathtaking - it seems like the most beautiful plants in the world are all gathered on this little island.

Amazing panorma view of Seychelles bolders

The landscape in the Seychelles is special because of its granite boulders. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else in the world. Over thousands of years, the rainwater has eroded them to the shapes you see today. They start at a relatively small size and reach the size of a small mountain.

Rainy day in Victoria

Another place to see on the main island is the capital - Victoria. We decided to go for an interesting experience and take a local bus to the city. To be honest, it was one of the worst buses we have ever seen but it was also a lot of fun wondering if it was going to brake or not.

Picturesque Victoria is one of the smallest capitals in the world. It's more like a small town with a few main streets, traffic lights, and a mini copy of Big Ben in London which dates back to 1903 when the Seychelles became a crown colony.

Famous little Big Ben in Seychelles

The clock tower was originally black and oil lamps were fixed on all four sides. Four decades later, the Victoria City Council decided that it should be painted a lustrous silver and it has been that colour ever since.

The bustling local market is worth visiting to get a feel for the local spirit and to grab some souvenirs like spices.

Praslin island Seychelles

When you've finished with the main island, it’s time to see the other islands. Your first stop would probably be the second largest and most popular island - Praslin Island. It’s located about an hour away from Mahe if you take a ferry, or approximately 15 minutes by plane.

Ferry trip to Praslin island

We took the ferry, but the sea was pretty rough and most of the people on board, including us, got really sick. So, as you can imagine, we were really only dreaming about getting to land as fast as possible. Praslin Island is much smaller and, to our surprise, even more beautiful. We headed straight for the most beautiful beach on the island - Grand Anse - the one you see on many postcards that come from the Seychelles.

Fantastic restaurant by the sea shore

We really loved it here - a small restaurant by the sea shore where you can order lobster, shrimp and other sea delicacies, and play with huge turtles while waiting for your meal. The beach itself is wide with white silky sand and black granite boulders that lie right by the sea shore.

Couple in love on the beach

The island seems very cosy and romantic with its pristine beach, crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean... but still we were missing something - something that would raise its category from “awesome” to “paradise”.

Enjoying La Digue island

So the next morning we headed to another island, La Digue, just 15 minutes away by boat. This island is even smaller - just 10 km long and a few kilometres wide. There are literally about ten cars on the island and three hotels. Most people travel by bicycle.

Coconut factory

To be honest, we fell in love with it the minute we stepped off the ferry. This brought us to the small (and only) town on the island with cute shops and cosy restaurants.

The first place we visited was the coconut factory, which consists of a small house with coconuts and a workers' house. It is actually really interesting to witness how coconut oil is manufactured.

Girl swimming in sparcle blue water

Just a few hundred metres away is another beach - Anse Source d’Argent Beach. Once we got there, it hit us - that was it. Paradise. It is without any doubt the most beautiful beach in the Seychelles and, in our opinion, the whole world. Located to the North of La Digue, it is one of the most photographed beaches in the world with scenery made up of extraordinary boulder formations, sparkling blue water and powdery fine sand.

Beautiful girl under the palm

Drinking coconut milk in hammock

You will be blown away by its beauty. The gigantic boulders, the sand the water. Dare to snorkel just a little and you will spend most of the day in the water as the underwater world is as spectacular as the beach itself. So we stayed half a day, thanks to the locals who provided us with fresh coconuts and other fruits.

Sending post cards from Seychelles

Now we can say for sure - we’ve found paradise. And if this place doesn't impress you, nothing will. We even sent a postcard home that would remind us of this magical place.

Seychelle islands, La Digue

Happy couple on Seychelles beach

The Seychelles are amazing. If you’re looking for a party town like Honolulu in Hawaii, this is not the place for you. But if the Maldives are a little too boring but you still want to visit a beach paradise combined with some adventures, then this is the perfect spot. We’ve covered only three islands, but the Seychelles have so much more to offer and we will definitely return some day.

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