Moutains landscape, road

Our adventures started without any plans, we just put the most necessary things in our backpacks and headed to this magical island.

Amazing Iceland landscape

Like everyone, we were awestruck by the landscapes. Sometimes we just sat in our tents not capable of moving, simply watching the amazing beauty of ice-covered volcanoes rumbling.

Ice-covered volcanoes rumbling

The supercharged splendour of Iceland reminds us what is important in life. I was in a state of Nordic nirvana the whole time we were travelling across Iceland.

Waterfall view Iceland

Pasture in Iceland

Reindeers in Iceland

Making tea

It was great to wake up every morning with the first rays of sun, to cook breakfast on an open fire, to wash my face in a crystal clean spring and to head off into Iceland's beauty not knowing what would be around the next corner.

Lake in Iceland

I didn't just love the nature here, the Icelandic people are great too. They are warm and smiley, despite the financial crisis they survived and all of these odd, active volcanoes they have to monitor every day. They still have the time and willingness to sing and play authentic, spine-tingling music and make warm fluffy knitwear.

Lake Myvatn, Iceland

Hiking in Iceland

Sunset in Iceland

The power of Iceland's beauty turns everyone into a philosopher or poet. Iceland has a transformative effect on people. It certainly did on me and, as a memory of our trip, I made this virtual tour so everyone could have the opportunity to experience this magical place. I hope this will make you want to do just one thing – take your backpack and go there yourself.

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