5 Reasons to Visit Benidorm in Winter

What could have been nicer than to start the new year with a vacation? It had to be a visit to a warm country however, and this is exactly what happened: we were heading to the sunny resort of Benidorm in Spain. A little paradise on the coast of Costa Blanca greeted us with lovely weather: a warm +17 C, pleasant sunshine, clear blue sky, friendly locals and an incredible number of places to spend a holiday, so plenty to do and see.

Amazing view from Levante Beach

Our first taste of Benidorm was our hotel - Melia Villaitana. Built in the style of a Spanish villa, with gorgeous views over the town, and having separate areas for families and young people. This place, without a doubt, would be ideal for the most demanding traveller. 

Gorgeous Melia Villaitana view

Its impressive complex, containing swimming pools, a SPA, restaurants, with rooms of refined four- and five-stars. All of this will not leave visitors indifferent, leaving them with the true spirit of hospitable Spain.

Fantastic view on hotel pool

It was a particular pleasure to wake up and greet the sunrise from our terrace. A cup of coffee and fresh pastry, delivered right to our room – filling us with energy and vitality, ready for new experiences and emotions.

Sunrise on Melia Villaitana balcony

Breakfast at Melia Villaitana terrace

Our further discovery of Benidorm began with the famous sandy beaches of Playa de Levante and Playa de Poniente, complimented with myriads of restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. 

Girl walking on the beach

Girl posing at Levante beach

Great sunny day at Levante beach

Even in winter time, life is vibrant here, people are strolling around in light clothing, music is playing and the air is full of aromas of the Spanish passion for cooking. Suddenly you realise that you’re constantly smiling – very happy to be here at this moment.

Relaxing on Poniente Beach

We could talk forever about Spanish cuisine. This is a separate world, an ocean of tastes and emotions, and you want to be forever immersed in this sea, not only for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but, quite literally, for every hour you’re awake. We fell in love with a restaurant called La Taperia, where divine tapas are served. Combined with a great wine selection, cosy interior and pleasant staff, this place become my favourite in all of Benidorm.

Fantastic meal ar Ulia restaurant

It’s worth mentioning that a restaurant at the five-star Villa Venecia Boutique Hotel, which has a mesmerising panoramic view of the town, making this place really romantic, especially for candle-lit evenings. For lunch, I would recommend visiting a famous restaurant – the Ulia, in the Poniente Beach area, where incredible paellas are served. Solotúla Gastro-Bar Lounge and a cosy restaurant in the hotel Agir, have also got into my top-ten-tastes of Benidorm.

Tasty dish in Ulia restaurant

Ulia restaurant course

As well as the abundance of fine restaurants and cafes for day and evening visits, Benidorm is famous for its active nightlife, clubs and bars, where you can have fun from the early hours, and into the next sunrise if you like. You can start with a couple of cocktails and listen to some great music at bar-clubs, such as Ku Beach Benidorm and Moon Beach Benidorm, located on the Levante Beach. The town, at any time of night or day, is sparkling with positivity and full of happy people. During my walk along the beach or some noisy streets of the old town, I always felt some festive vibes and at ease. My impression was always the same: Benidorm is a big town, but everyone feels the beauty and joy of life in all its manifestations. Juicy shades of the nature, the beautiful and ancient architecture of the old town, the majestic skyscrapers of the new town and cordiality of people everywhere, creates an ideal mix of emotions and you realise that - yes, I would like to come back here again and again.

Amazing Benidorm view at night

In Benidorm, there’s another very important feature and advantage - medical tourism. This means a combination of pleasure and good health. The medical centers here, are of the highest quality, which attract people from all over the world. One of the most popular centers - Dermo-aesthetic Surgical Institute, Ihaly, is renowned for aesthetic medicine, plastic and reconstructive surgery, offers programs against aging and guarantees its customers complete confidentiality.

Narrow street in Benidorm

One of the leading hospitals in Spain - Clinica Benidorm, is also located here. This is a popular private hospital that has been running for more than 25 years. Today it represents more than 40 areas of medicine, and has the status as a center of expertise for the implementation of new technologies by General Electric. Each year, the clinic receives thousands of tourists from the EU, Russia, the Middle East and South America.

Asia Gardens promenade

The winter months, are a perfect time for a relaxing break in a SPA. For example, the Sandos Monaco and the Levante Club four-star hotel & SPA facilities, where you can temporarily disconnect from the ‘real world’, and, for once in a while, just indulge yourself. However, there is one fantastic location I would like to mention separately - the Asia Gardens five-star hotel and SPA facilities.

Fantastic Asia Gardens view

mRelaxing Massage at Asia Gardebs Spa

December in Benidorm is far from the classical concept of a winter month. 17 degrees, the sun is really warm and sets the mood for long walks. Enabling you to see as many local sights and attractions as possible, and there’s an electric bicycle you can hire too - called Tao Bike.

Asia Gardens pool view

The hotel not only has rooms with different amenities, but also certain recreational places for different types of guests: VIP-clients, families with children and young people. Asia Gardens is a real work of art, where the interior is a combination of elegant luxury and impeccable style. By the way, a lot of the decorative items throughout are in fact historical artifacts. Above all praise however, is their Asian restaurant, where we spent our final dinner, which left a great aftertaste in our memory.

Luxury Asia Gardens room

As for their SPA, it was here that for the first time, I tried a Thai massage. To say that I ended up in a completely relaxed state, would be an understatement! It was so nice to feel welcome and entrust your body into the skilled hands of a massage expert. After the therapy, you feel completely refreshed and know that you want to experience these sensations and emotions again. Without a doubt, Asia Gardens five-star hotel and SPA facilities, is truly the best place for a complete and memorable holiday in Benidorm.

Electric bicycle rent

The company not only rents out bicycles, but also offers interesting tours, one of them - a trip to the mountains, the park Sierra Helada, which offers incredible views – the type you have to see with your own eyes!

Breathtaking view of Sierra Helada

One of my favorite must-do items while traveling is to view the sunsets. Therefore, in each new country and city I find an observation deck, which offers a bird's eye view. In Benidorm, hotel Madeira has become such a place for me. Here, in the top-floor bar, you can enjoy signature cocktails, be inspired by the beauty of the city and beach again, and say: "See you soon Benidorm! We will surely meet again!"

Colorful sunset in Madeira

Benidorm in winter is a great choice for those who want to extend the feeling of warmth, enjoy walks along the beach or biking in the mountains, treat themselves to some excellent cuisine and relax at the best SPAs. Here you can take care of your health within the vibrant atmosphere of a city, where the beauty of nature and friendliness of its people, will leave a lasting impression.

View of Madeira in evening

I sincerely, from all my heart, thank Benidorm, its people and all those who spent time with us on this journey of pleasure, happiness and incredible experiences.

See you soon!

With love,

Anna Turanova.

..and enjoy our video!

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