Eraeliya Villas and Gardens: the Ideal Place for Creative People

Built in colonial style in Weligama, on the southern tip of Sri Lanka, Eraeliya Villas and Gardens are all about great design and absolute privacy. Four beautiful villas and one bungalow, surrounded by secluded tropical gardens with iguanas and monkeys, and located just a few steps from the Indian Ocean create the illusion that you are lost in time. Fitted with antique furniture and accessories, and an old grand piano in the lobby, you feel the past of this beautiful country. This is an ideal place for creative people looking for inspiration and for everyone looking for peace and relaxation.

Villa on Sri Lanka
photo credit: Olivia Bonnal Sansoni

The villas tastefully combine local architectural features with modern design showcasing Indian, Indonesian and Japanese styles. The hotel is owned by a group of architects and it is indeed a great place for design and architecture.

Wooden door, Samaya villa

Each villa has several palatial suites bearing Sinhala names that underpin the essence of their exquisite design: the Diviya (Heaven), the Alaya (Love), the Samaya (Peace), the Ramaya (Paradise).

Tropical hotel room

Cozy hotel bathroom Sri Lanka
photo credit: Olivia Bonnal Sansoni

Balcony with ocean view
photo credit: Olivia Bonnal Sansoni

The rooms are big and spacious, with huge terraces and balconies where breakfast is served every morning. Drinking your latte while watching the turquoise water and listening to the waves is an amazing thing to do here.

Great ocean view on Sri Lanka

One of our favourite places in the hotel was the infinity swimming pool with a fantastic view of the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lanka hotel villa interior

Another great place to feel the special spirit of this place is the living area of the Bawana villa, which has a big library and old grand piano - necessary parts of all colonial houses. We suggest you ask for 5 o’clock tea and have it in this special room with the other guests and hotel management.

Great ocean coastal view

The villas are situated just 30 minutes’ drive from the historic city of Galle, where we recommend you go for a day trip. Just walk along the old streets, have lunch in a typical Sri Lankan café and take pictures of the old lighthouse.

Girl in Sri Lanka

The hotel runs many great initiatives. Off-season, it encourages painters to stay at the hotel for free to get inspiration and paint. They leave their paintings at the hotel which then exhibits and sells them, with proceeds going to charity. Some pieces are also left to the hotel. 1% of all hotel income is donated to charity which cares about kids who lost parental care during or after Civil war.

Huge waves on Sri Lanka

The Eraeliya Villas and Gardens invest a lot in their staff. All of the cooks here were trained by German Dimaano, a four-star rated chef from Melbourne. The hotel aims to provide first-class service in everything, and it feels great to be here. You simply feel like you're staying at an old villa with great service, where you can enjoy the spa or a yoga session to start another amazing day in beautiful Sri Lanka.

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