Discover One of the Best Islands in the World: The Isle of Skye in 20 Pictures

Far away from the busy streets and crowds of people, this island, with its wild, rural and mysterious landscape, has enchanted many travellers, photographers and movie producers. Located to the west of Scotland, almost 12 hours drive from London, the Isle of Skye attracts appreciators of integrity and romance from all over the world.

The Old Man of Storr

National Geographic Magazine experts voted the Isle of Skye the 4th best island in the world. The main criteria were to find the most unique, picturesque and unspoiled places on earth. And we completely agree with them.

Isle of Skye

Mountains, rivers and waterfalls are the main treasures of this magical place.

 Isle of Skye in Scotland

Highland cow

Isle of Skye, misty island

If you are looking for a remote place, tranquillity, and a calm and romantic atmosphere, look no further. The Isle of Skye is an ideal place for a honeymoon or a secret escape. Couple this with incredible wildlife, and Skye is hard to beat.

Isle of Skye

The vivid green of scenic mountains, windswept valleys and moorlands, lakes and the ever-changing blue seas... I am sure that Skye offers some of the best coastal views in all of the UK.

Portree - the capital of Isle of Skye

Portree, the capital of the island, is the only place on the Isle of Skye where you'll find busy life: two banks, a police station, hotels, a couple of touristy shops, bars and restaurants.

Ilse of Skye

Portree (or Port an Righ in the Gaelic language, the traditional language of Scotland) means King’s Harbour and was so named to commemorate a visit from King James V of Scotland in 1540.

Dunvegas castle

Dunvegan Castle, the oldest, continuously inhabited castle in Scotland.

Seals at Dunvegan Castle

The great seal colony is located just below the castle. These cute and playful animals are already used to boats and are not afraid of tourists.  

Seal colony on the Isle of Skye

During your trip, you may see herons nesting, as well as Artic tern or a sea eagle.

Amazing Island in Scotland

If you think that in order to enjoy this wild and stunning landscape you have to abandon luxury and sleep in a tent, you are wrong. The Isle of Skye offers exclusive accommodation, such as Kinloch Hotel, and has two Michelin-starred restaurants. One of them, The Three Chimneys, is located just next to Dunvegan Castle. The other is in Kinloch Hotel.    

Quiraing Mountains

Quiraing Mountain

Famous movie directors and producers appreciate these amazing landscapes. Spectacular views of the Isle of Skye have already been the background for popular fairy tales like “Stardust” and “Breaking the Waves” by Lars von Trier and, this year, Steven Spielberg and Disney Studios used the island as a location for Giant Country in the new movie version of the children’s book “The BFG”. The children’s classic tells the story of a girl named Sophie and her friendship with a Big Friendly Giant.

The Old Man of Storr Rock

Some scenes were shot here in July, at Quiraing Mountain by The Old Man of Storr rock, a landmark of the island. We can't even imagine how the film crew climbed up the mountain. The walk here covers a distance of almost four kilometres!  

Animals in Quiraing Mountains

Quiraing Mountains

Kilt Rock Waterfall

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