Faloria Mountain Spa Resort: the Hotel with a Mountain Spirit

Winter is almost here, and we're getting excited about skiing and snowboarding again. This is the perfect hotel to do it, right in the centre of the Cortina Italian ski resort - Faloria Mountain Spa Resort.

Perfect motorway in Italy

Thanks to the perfect motorways in Italy, you can have breakfast in Venice and in just a few hours be at the doors of the Park Hotel Faloria.

Mountain view from car park

You start admiring the staggering views right from the car park. It doesn’t matter where you look, mountains surround you on all sides.

Breathtaking Cortina mountain view

The views are gorgeous here.

Amazing Faloria Hotel deatils

Faloria Mountain Spa Resort is a small and cosy hotel, which just loves to surprise its guests. For example, you can choose a perfume which they will spray while cleaning your room. So would you prefer an ocean, nature or mountains aroma? We opted for mountains and it was very refreshing.

Falorai Hotel room details

Faloria Hotel bed

The rooms are very classy. The interior is designed in a real Alpine style. Most of the rooms can handle up to seven people and have two floors, making this hotel perfect for large families or sports teams.

Gorgeous mountain view from window

Upper floor rooms have a sunroof with a gorgeous mountain view, so one very romantic thing you can do here is to watch the stars at night.

Balcony gorgeous panoramic view

Huge balconies with panoramic views are another benefit of the hotel. And every room on the first floor has a huge terrace with a separate exit right from your room.

Faloria Hotel restaurant

The dining room is also no exception when it comes to comfort and luxury. Breakfast is served in a closed glass terrace with a full panoramic view of nature all around you. Not the worst place to start your day, right?

Amazing Faloria Hotel SPA

Faloria Hotel pool

And of course there’s nothing better than enjoying the wonderful spa after a long, exhausting day in the mountains. Faloria Mountain Spa Resort offers a large pool, waterbeds, jacuzzi, different massages, saunas, and even a gym in case you need one.

SPA relax zone near pool

We couldn’t miss a day without chilling for a couple of hours before dinner.

Dog friendly Faloria Hotel Italy

And yes, Faloria Mountain Spa Resort is dog friendly. In fact, if a guest checks in with a dog, it gets a free gift from the hotel and there’s no extra charge for keeping it in your room either.

Faloria Hotel guests with pets

So most of the guests use this extra service and bring their pets with them.

Faloria Hotel director

The TripTemptation team would like to thank the director of the hotel, Sara Ambrosio, for welcoming us and showing us around. It was a real pleasure to stay at this wonderful place.

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