20 amazing travel experiences for 2016

We love to travel. And to do things – to swim with dolphins and manta rays, to parachute, to board a yacht or to relax on the most beautiful beaches in the world. So we've made a list of unforgettable travel experiences you must discover and try in the upcoming year. Adventurous and delightful, unique and trendy, amazing and luxurious – we've covered everything you need to make yourself a better traveller.

Extreme walk with lions

If there aren't enough thrills in your life, you need to go Mauritius and walk with lions! Adrenalin guaranteed! The feeling is pretty extreme, and it’s a great opportunity to combine a beach holiday with something truly memorable.

Breathtaking skydiving in Hawaii

Skydiving or parachute jumping is an unforgettable experience. There are many places in the world to try it. But a skydive in Hawaii is something you need to try once in your life! Believe us, the absolutely breathtaking views are worth it.

Fantastic Venice at night

A night-time walk in Venice is a unique way to experience this magical city, without the hordes of tourists. At night, when the day tourists go home and the tour groups and backpackers mainly go back to their hotels at Mestre, Venice will open up its real beauty and secrets to you. A great idea for a romantic getaway!

Amazing Maldives white beach

The Maldives are an absolutely must-visit place! Stunning white-sand beaches and amazing underwater worlds make this place pure heaven on Earth and the guaranteed holiday of a lifetime. Go to the Maldives once and we guarantee – you will want to come back again.

Exciting swimming with dolphins in Cuba

There are many places in the world where you can meet these amazing animals, but we suggest you do it on Cayo Largo island. This is not a delphinarium but a beautiful park where just two dolphins live – the friendly and playful Usilys and Luna. The positive emotions after being in the water with these amazing creatures are beyond all expectations.

View from Trolltunga Norway

No doubt Norway is a once-in-a-lifetime destination. Hiking is the best way to see this amazing country. So head to Trolltunga and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Amazing view on Singapore from Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is all about ‘ultimate luxury’ and it offers more than just great accommodation. The best thing about it is the amazing view from the most iconic infinity pool in the world. It stretches 150 metres across Sands SkyPark offering the best city-skyline view.

Colourful sunrise over Angkor Wat

Watching the sun rise over Angkor Wat temple is a must-see in Cambodia. The fantastic riot of colours in this mysterious place could not leave anyone unmoved.

Mysterios moai statues in Chile

Few places in the world possess a more mystical pull than this tiny piece of land, one of the most isolated places on Earth. Meet the famous “moai” statues, and don’t forget to enjoy hiking and scuba diving here.

Extreme sand boarding in the desert

Sand boarding or sand surfing is similar to snowboarding, but definitely more fun. And don’t forget to feel the desert – stay still for a minute and listen to this amazing place or, if you happen to come here in the evening, enjoy the view of myriads of stars just above your head.

Fantastic cherry blossoms in Japan

Spring in Japan is associated with gorgeous sakura. The wonderful views and delicate aroma of blossoming cherry trees is something you won’t forget. Combine a visit with a wander through a Japanese bamboo forest and a climb up the Arashiyama mountains to see native Japanese macaques running free at the Iwatayama Monkey Park.

Amazing Dambulla temple in Sri Lanka

To reach Dambulla's rock temples you must climb barefoot up the sloping ground and several series of stairs. The ancient Buddha statues in the caves themselves are quite breathtaking and stretch back as far in time as the 1st century. Dambulla is a large UNESCO heritage site and it is definitely worth visiting.

Picturesque Hobbiton in New Zealand

The Hobbiton movie set is a must see if you're a Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fan. It really feels and looks like a living Hobbit village. And the views there are so picturesque!

Beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney

It would be a crime to come to Sydney and not check out the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens! These are the oldest botanic gardens in Australia. The collection of plants comes from around the world but there is a focus on species from Australia and the South Pacific. It's hard to imagine this many colours exist in real life!

Breathtaking view Jungfraujoch in Switzerland

One of the most popular experiences in the beautiful Bernese Oberland is a train journey to Jungfraujoch, the "Top of Europe”, with an observation terrace and scientific observatory perched at 3,454 metres. Marvellous and absolutely breathtaking views will be your reward for this journey.

Adventurous husky mush in Lapland

If you are brave enough, learn to ride a sledge yourself and race through the gorgeous frozen lakes and woods in Lapland.

Breathtaking view of Grand Canyon

To visit America and to see one of the real natural wonders - the Grand Canyon – is the dream of millions of travellers. But we know how to make this dream come true in the most amazing way. A helicopter tour over it is something really amazing and a must-have experience.

Extreme climbing Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s greatest natural wonders: a snow covered mountain on the equator, an ocean of green forest surrounded by dry savannah. If you have the inner strength to do it, this place will be sure to conquer you.

Mermaiding in Philippines

While travelling around the Philippines, we recommend you discover a new way of having fun in the water: 'mermaiding’. Blurring the line between dream and reality, a quick escape from your everyday routine is sometimes just what one needs. So take a lesson in mermaiding and be sure to take lots of beautiful pictures!

Adventurous whales watching

St. Lawrence Gulf is one of the best places in the world to watch seemingly smiling belugas and 25m-long blue whales. The peak season is May-September. You will never forget those adventurous few hours watching whales breaching, slapping their tails or simply gliding along just below the surface.

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