The Magical Diamond just 50 km from Barcelona

During our last visit to Barcelona, we decided to make an additional stop in a magical place called Montserrat. It’s a multi-peaked, 1200m high mountain located 50km northwest of Barcelona.

Monserrat mountain Spain

The Caribbean island of Montserrat was named after this mountain by Christopher Columbus, and its caves and many mountain paths offer spectacular rambles and vistas. In Catalan, Montserrat mean “saw mountain” and it really does look like a saw when you see it from a distance.

It’s also the first National Park in Spain.

Road to Montserrat from Andorra

It’s not that easy to get there; it will take you about an hour by car. You can also take a train or a bus, but you will need to change several times and it will definitely take longer.

Foggy mountain road to Montserrat

Montserrat is a tricky place. You really need to be lucky with the weather. The first time we got there, it was so cloudy that there was no point in even trying to go up. We drove through the clouds and headed to Andorra, our original destination, hoping we would be luckier on our way back. And, as it turned out, we were.

Amazing view from Montserrat mountain

As we headed back to Barcelona a couple of days later, the weather was perfect and sunset was only a few hours away. Perfect timing.

Breathtaking Montserrat canyon view

Once you get up there, you are just blown away by the views of the valley. The closest comparison would be the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. The views are simply spectacular.

Montserrat panoramic view sunset

The light from the sunset bouncing off the cliffs is marvellous; such a warm feeling. There weren't that many tourists either since it was almost closing time.

Spectacular view from Montserrat mountain

There’s a chance to go even higher, to the very top of the mountains, but it was way too late and we would have had to risk going back down on foot which would have taken us about an hour in the dark. So we decided to skip it and just enjoy the main area.

Montserrat monument Spain

Fantactic Montserrat view from monument

One of the most memorable things is the Monument a Ramon Llull which looks like huge steps to heaven. They start on the very edge of the cliff and go up in such a direction that the upper steps are located right above the valley drop. Of course we couldn't resist the temptation to get up there but, to be honest, it is quite scary given that it is rather windy and the drop is pretty sheer.

Montserrat temple Spain

It is also possible to enter the monastery of Montserrat and see the Virgin of Montserrat - a statue of the Virgin Mary. We were so amazed by the view and the spirit of the place that we didn’t feel sorry for a moment. And we strongly suggest that you stay overnight, if you have the time, to enjoy the stillness and the silence of this remarkable place.

If you are exploring Catalonia or decided to pay a visit to Andorra, be sure to take an extra couple of hours to visit this magical place. It really is worth it.

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