A Must Do in London: Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

We indulged ourselves in a traditional British treat at one of the greatest hotels in the world and, we must say, we felt like royalty.

Fantastic Hotel Ritz Afternoon Tea

As frequent visitors to London, we have enjoyed many afternoon teas in the English capital, but this time it was different.

Palm Court Ritz Afternoon Tea London

The first thing you encounter, before even entering the hotel, is the dress code. Reflecting the elegant nature of the hotel’s architecture, the Ritz London has a strict dress code. Gentlemen are required to wear a jacket and tie. If you don't meet these requirements, you are provided with new clothes and can even pick the colour of your tie.

Ritz Hotel Afternoon Tea with Champagne

Amazing Afternoon Tea ceremony Ritz

The hotel is located in the centre of one of the busiest and largest cities in the world - London - a few hundred metres from the world famous Piccadilly Circus, but once you enter the hall you forget all about that. It’s so quiet, elegant and prestigious; the unique ambience and lavish décor will leave you speechless. We walked through the gorgeous lobby and into the Palm Court, where our table was waiting for us. We were about to have a magnificent afternoon tea experience we would never forget.

Luxury interior details Ritz London

Afternoon Tea Ritz London Palm Court

To give you an idea of just how extravagant and popular this ceremony is, you need to make a reservation three months in advance to get a seat on a Saturday. And this is with five sets of afternoon teas daily, starting as early as 10:00am.

Luxury Ritz London Afternoon Tea ceremony

Every day, between the times of 11.30am and 9.00pm, all guests get entertained by the resident pianist, harpist or string quintet, playing classical and contemporary tunes whilst you enjoy your delectable afternoon tea.

Elegant Afternoon Tea Palm Court

The Ritz is proud to be a member of the Tea Council's prestigious Tea Guild which means it has a top class menu. Cheddar cheese sandwiches, Scottish smoked salmon, freshly baked raisin and plain scones... the menu is extremely rich and you can get practically anything your heart desires, served with your choice of loose leaf tea from The Ritz’s extensive selection.

Delicious Ritz Afternon Tea sandwiches

When it's over, you leave the hotel and are plunged back into reality on the busy streets and crowded footpaths. But afternoon tea at the legendary Ritz provides you with an experience you’ll treasure forever.

London Ritz luxury interior

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