Austria: Views you Won’t Forget

One of the most romantic trips of my life was to the Alpine region in Austria, just an hour's drive from Salzburg. Not only I was lured by the rural beauty, silence, fresh air and breathtaking views; the countryside and its settings have been the backdrop for some world-famous movies. For example, it was featured in the well-known film, “The Sound of Music”.

Shafberg Mountain in Austria

Spending our holidays in the one of the most beautiful regions in Austria, we could not miss going up Shafberg Mountain with its almost vertical north face visible from afar.

Austria best view

The journey up the mountain with a vintage cogwheel steam train, Schafberg Bahn, took about 45 minutes. The six-kilometre ride up is an experience in itself.

The railway opened in 1893 and it’s one of the oldest of this type in the world. At that time, it was very popular among aristocrats from Vienna to spend summer in the mountains of Salzburg, Tyrol or Carinthia - and we can understand why.  

Best mountain view in Austria

We were lucky to have such clear, sunny days. From the summit, 1,783 meters high, we admired amazing views over the villages and lakes: the largest lake here, Wolfgangsee, the Bavarian mountains, and even Lake Chiemsee in Germany.

Shafberg Mountain in Austria

We spent almost a full day at the summit of Shafberg Mountain, enjoying the incredible views, and we had lunch in Hotel Schafbergspitze, the oldest mountain hotel in Austria, built in 1862.

Amazing travel in Austria

view over the Wolfgangsee

Romantic trip to Alpine region

Travel in Austria

Village of Hallstatt in Austria

We spent our evening in the lovely village of Hallstatt, tightly nestled between the lake and the mountain range…

Lake cruise in Austria

… where we rented a small electric boat.

Hallstatt Lake in Austria

Hallstatt Lake, surrounded by steep wooded slopes, reminded me of Norwegian fjords.

Luxury travel in Austrian mountains

We loved this calm, picturesque and romantic Alpine village, where it is just so nice to be and enjoy life.

Lovely village of Hallstatt in Austria

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